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I love Christmas. There, I said it. I really, really love Christmas. And it’s not because of the presents, or the tree or the incessant carols that play on repeat in every single department store throughout the whole month of December. I love Christmas because it is one of the few times a year that my entire family gets to spend the day together.

There’s something particularly wholesome about the traditions a family develops over the years throughout Christmas time. Those unspoken rules that everyone abides by simply because they have done so in years past. In my family, we have two unchanging Christmas traditions. The first is that we always, always watch Love Actually on Christmas Eve (and generally break out into song when All I Want For Christmas plays during the school recital scene) and the second is that everyone wears a touch of red on Christmas day. 

As the colour of choice for Santa Clause himself, it’s hardly surprising that red has become synonymous with Christmas day. And better yet, no matter what skin tone you have, “primary red” is said to be the most universally flattering hue around. According to the experts at House of Colour, primary red is flattering for all because the colour shade sits “right at the centre of all colour and has an equal flow through the colour spectrum.”

So, while it might be considered somewhat of a cliché by some bah-humbug types out there, there’s nothing I love more than throwing on a red dress and some red lipstick come Christmas time. Not only it is scientifically guaranteed to be flattering, for me, it also signifies exactly what Christmas is all about. Plus, it just so happens to be one of 2023’s biggest trending colours. Keep scrolling for a few red dresses I have my eye on this holiday season.  

Heavenly on all fronts.

Made for rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

This is how to make a festive entrance.

Now that is a Christmas Day dress.

It’s always the right time to invest in an iconic Rixo dress.

The velvet texture adds a wintery feel.

This dress will be a much-loved addition to your evening wardrobe.

I can’t believe this is from the high street.

There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ on Christmas day.

Bring the party to Christmas dinner.

Complement this stunning rouge frock with gold jewellery.

The bow feels appropriate for Christmas day.

So chic with red tights and heels but also great with knee-high boots or sparkles.

A silhouette that suits every figure.

If you have the chance to wear this, take it.

The draping on this dress is exquisite.

Cosy and Christmassy.

Finish with platform heels, or cosy slippers as needed.

You can easily wear this after the festive season, too.

A dress you’ll wear over and over again.

This relaxed silhouette will be comfortable all day long.

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