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Readers just had a fantastic discussion on great gifts for people who travel often, so I thought I’d round up their discussion along with some suggestions from previous discussions and posts…

If you travel often for work, what would you love to get? If you’re buying gifts for someone who travels often, what are you getting them?

Great Gifts for People Who Travel Often

Stocking Stuffers for Business Travelers (Under $15)

travel adapter

a wall tap

disposable toothbrushes (pictured)

ginger tablets for motion sickness

leakproof bottles in a variety of sizes (these are an Amazon bestseller)

miniature sauces and dressings such as Tabasco — see a huge selection at

travel-size high end toiletries (Sephora has a whole section; readers specifically mentioned travel size L’Occitane hand creams)

travel-sized scented candle (pictured)

portable humidifier (pictured)

luggage tag (pictured)

extra long charging cords (Anker is the best IMHO, but you can buy a lot of others for much less)

White Elephant Gifts for Women Who Travel Often (Under $30)

facial mister (Evian and Avene have both been mentioned by readers))

compression socks – readers have mentioned Bombas, Sockwell, and Wellow)

laptop privacy screens

portable chargers

packing cubes (pictured),

ear plugs

hanging makeup bag and/or Dopp kit (pictured)

packable extra bag (I have this one and like it a lot, but be warned it is really big!)

travel belt to add a bag to your rolling bag (pictured)

portable steamer

a flat envelope commuter bag for the back of the seat (pictured)

Other Gifts for People Who Travel Often ($30+)

eye mask (pictured — I also have this one from Manta and love it)

Apple Tags

Tech organizer (readers have liked Dagne Dover’s tech organizer)

foldable neck pillow – readers have mentioned the Trtl, but note that Amazon has some dupes

Passport wallet (pictured)

noise-cancelling headphones



These are our latest favorite wraps — there’s a big range in prices here!

Some of our favorite office pashminas as of 2023: black / green / gray (lighter weight) / lavender ($20!!). If you’re looking for more of a ruana jacket, I highly recommend the Brooks Brothers’ ones!

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