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Earlier this year, when Hailey Bieber exclusively told Who What Wear UK her signature lip combo, I peeped the lip liner she was using. If you’ve seen any of Hailey Bieber’s videos, you’ll see that she’s often using a specific lip liner, which comes in a wooden pencil that’s now become instantly recognisable. The one in question? Make Up For Ever.

Sharing how she creates her neutral lip look above, Bieber says, “I start off with a liner that I really love…I love doing just like a nude liner to kind of contour and enhance the lips,” she says, while lining with her lips with a Make Up For Ever lip pencil. Bieber has previously shared that she loves to use the pencil in the shade Anywhere Caffeine, which looks very similar to the one used in this video here, if not the very shade.

We’ve even spotted Jennifer Lopez using the exact same lip pencil in a recent Instagram video, showing how she creates her red lipstick look. ” I always start with a neutral pencil,” she says as she lines her lips with the lip liner, saying that she prefers to use a neutral colour, rather than a red lip pencil, even when wearing a red lipstick on top. “It makes the lips look fuller and plumper,” she says.

Of course, when a product comes with this level of celebrity endorsement, it doesn’t stay in stock for long. The Anywhere Caffeine shade is completely sold out everywhere. However, if you shop around you can find a few shades still in stock.

The ‘Anywhere Caffeine’ shade has sold out across most retailers, so if you see one, you’ll want to add it to your basket fast. Thankfully, some shades are still in stock below.

The popularity in these pencils comes from the fact that they can be used as either an eye pencil or lip liner, and this chocolate hue is ideal for either.

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A great medium brown shade.

A peachy neutral pink.

A deeper, raspberry-toned pink.

A deep, berry hue.

Make Up For Ever has another line of lip pencils in the Aqua Lip range, and the 1C Nude Beige is ideal for fair skin tones.

Light Rosewood is a neutral, medium mauve.

Coming in at just £4, you can create Hailey Bieber and JLo’s lip looks at a fraction of the price.

Beauty Pie’s lip liner in Vanilla Nude is another great alternative.

Apparently, this Morphe lip liner gives a similar look to Anywhere Caffeine.

TikTok says this lip liner is another close match.

It’s hard to tell which is which when you swatch these two shades side by side.

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