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One of life’s simple pleasures is clocking off at 5pm on a Friday, making a beeline for the pub and spending the evening unwinding with friends. In the winter months, the pull of sitting in a cosy, roaring-fire adjacent booth is motivation enough to get through the working week, and when the moment finally arrives for you to close your laptop and head out the door, the last thing you want is to find yourself in an outfit rut.

That’s why I’ve pulled together eight pub-ready looks that are easy, chic, and most importantly strike the perfect balance between dressed-up and laid-back. By the time the weekend rolls around, most of us are keen to ditch our 9-5 gear and wear something we feel great in. However, pubs are typically more casual than cocktail bars and clubs, so there’s no need to go all-out with sky-high stilettos and an LBD (unless you want to, of course!).

In general, I suggest using staples like jeans and simple shirting as the foundation of your outfit, then adding some eye-catching items into the mix. For example, a top with an interesting neckline or a statement pair of earrings. It’s also a good idea to have some layering pieces in your get-up—in case you decide to sit alfresco—and comfortable shoes for those trips to the bar. But why tell when I can show? Check out eight polished pub looks that are perfect for your next visit, whether you’re winding down with your partner or catching up with girlfriends over a Merlot. 

Style Notes: Striking the perfect balance between being low-key and polished, a miniskirt and roll-neck knit is my got-to for a casual evening out. Change the mood with your boot choice—nine times out of ten I’ll pick sleek flat soles but high heels work just as well. 

Style Notes: Here at Who What Wear, we’re knitwear advocates (if you’re based in the UK, you’ll know it’s a no-brainer). Stay warm even while sitting outside with a thick-purl jumper and jeans combination. Add a cute accessory—such as a hair bow—if you want to make your pub look a bit fancier.  

Style Notes: If you’re looking for an alternative to jeans, let’s invite leather trousers to enter the chat. They add a cool edge to any look, but my favourite outfit iteration involves a relaxed-fit blazer and kitten heels. 

Style Notes: There are few items as flexible as a knitted dress, but don’t feel the need to stick to neutrals—an expensive-looking yellow or olive hue will look just as chic. Toss on a trench coat and some statement flat shoes to finish. 

Style Notes: Back to jeans! Truly the perfect pub fodder, if you want to give them a dressed-up spin, why not try a waistcoat, corsage and rhinestone earrings. Opt for dark denim for a glamorous feel. 

Style Notes: To create an outfit that’s equal parts comfortable and stylish, opt for a pair of wide-leg trousers and a simple tee and roomy blazer. 

Style Notes: If you’re craving a pop of colour after five days in a muted work uniform, a bright knit is a great option. Fun, fuss-free and easy to throw together last-minute, this denim-skirt outfit might just be my favourite on this list.

Style Notes: Mesh tops are trending in a big way right now. I love their ability to make even basics feel fresh—cue a look with black tailored trousers and a shoulder bag. 

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