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Travel back in the Corporette time capsule… Here’s what was on our minds oh so many moons ago. 

Curious about holiday business etiquette? We’ve rounded up all of our best posts on the topic right here.

One year ago…

Navy Skirts and Tights: What Color Combos Work?

Personal Money Snapshot: An Attorney Shares Her Thoughts on Bonuses, Student Loans & Financial Worries

What Are Your Favorite Holiday Party Activities & Recipes?

How to Prepare for a Big Storm

What Are the Best Gifts You’ve Received?

Two years ago…

Asker or Guesser: What’s Your Gift-Giving Style?

Money Challenge: Reassess Your 401K

(We also talked about how our offices were handling the pandemic a year ago!)

Plus, we had some great gift ideas:

gourmet fruit spreads

custom pet socks

the Pedi System (for anyone looking to up their nail game)

food gifts from Goldbelly

a set from a cruelty-free skincare brand

Three years ago…

The Best Places to Shop for Plus-Size Work Clothes

Would You Wear Nude-for-You Fishnet Tights?

How Has Working From Home Changed The Dynamics Of Your Job?

What Are Your Favorite TV Shows of All Time?

Four years ago…

What Are Your Favorite Drugstore Beauty & Bath Products?

Serious Question: Can You Wear Leggings to Work?

Five years ago…

What to Wear to Work From Home

How Many Vacation Days Did You Use This Year?

What Things Do You Own That You Heartily Recommend As Gift Ideas?

Six years ago…

How to Dress Professionally on the Coldest Days

Swearing at Work: Yea or Nay?

The 411 on How to Help Charities — How to Start Donating Money, Time, or Something Else

7 of the Absolute Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor

Gift Ideas Open Thread: The Best Books for Gifts

What Are Your Favorite Office Supplies?


Repeating Outfits at Work: How Often Do You Do It?

How to Take Advantage of a Quiet Office at the Holidays

Tales from the Wallet: Black Tie on a Budget


What to Wear to a Holiday Office Party

Holiday Tipping

Buying Jewelry for the Women in Your Life

Holidays, Vacations, and Office Etiquette

When Your Coworker Pressures You to Give to Charity

Which Coworkers Get a Holiday Card?

Should You Bring a Hostess Gift to the Boss’s Party?

The Boss’s Holiday Party: What to Wear

How to Take Advantage of a Quiet Office at the Holidays

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Networking


Navy Skirts and Tights: What Color Combos Work?

The Pros and Cons of Thrifting for Workwear

Poll: Can Younger Women Wear Colorful Suits?


What’s TOO Casual for a Weekend at the Office?

How to Respond to a Good Bonus

Does Makeup Help You Seem More Competent?

How Your Career Affects Your Happiness (or, Where Are the Happy Lawyers?)


What Not to Wear to… a Black-Tie Affair

How to Turn Off Work Mode

Eyebrow Maintenance: Plucking, Waxing, and Threading, Oh My

How to Stay Cool in an Overheated Office

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