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I am the sort of person who loves getting dressed up but, with my going-out days largely behind me (I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore heels over three inches) and most of my friends now married off and content in their matrimony, said opportunities are becoming fewer and farther between. However, as the saying goes, it’s about quality not quantity. So, when I do go out or attend something fancy, I go all out. This is why I consider rental fashion to be a revelation. Instead of hastily buying a dress that I like well enough, I’ve become an advocate for renting something that I love instead. Most of my rentals have been pieces I’d dream of owning but don’t have the budget to do so. Renting as afforded me the chance to get my hands on that cult 16Arlington dress I’ve been thinking out for months, or a Monique L’Huillier cape that feels like the closest thing to an angelic uniform, with the caveat of it being borrowed. 

Of course, there are sustainable benefits to this, too. I won’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, but we know that unfathomable amounts of clothing end up in landfill every year (every day even!), while the sheer process of making clothes is negatively impacting our environment. Renting might not be a save-all solution, but it presents a considered alternative to needless spending and consumption. Did you know partywear is one of the items most likely to end up in the trash? Namely because we—as a collective—tend to consume partywear more frivolously and, let’s face it, it doesn’t have the same overall wearability as a neutral jumper or a pair of classic jeans. If sequins, however, are a part of your daily uniform, more power to you! 

So, if you’re still deciding what to wear to your Christmas party or are looking for an outfit that will serve you well from the 25th until the 1st, I thought now would be the perfect time to tell you about four places that have the best partywear to rent right now. Scroll on to see them. 

Founded in 2018, Hurr specialises in peer-to-peer rental, meaning you’re borrowing from the closets of real people who love fashion, just like you do.  However, with collaborations with Flannels and Matches and, now, an incredible party-season rental edit with NET-A-PORTER, you have more access to high-end designers via Hurr than ever before! 

Be the party in this sparkly mini. 

Saloni dresses are always a hit.

Rosettes and drapery? I’m into this trend double-whammy. 

If you want something statement, you really can’t go wrong with Taller Marmo. 

If you’ve ever wanted to swap wardrobes with your favourite influencer, Cloan gives you the chance to do so. Working closely with content creators and people who have careers within the industry, you can find your dream rental by brand, size or person—key Cloan renters have their own profiles, so when you find someone whose style and sizing suits you, you can effectively borrow their entire capsule. 

This cheesecloth tulle is so beautiful. 

Try pairing this with a simple tee and slingbacks for a low-key party look. 

You had me at “oversized bow”. 

I will always love this iconic Shrimps bag. 

Loan the Look is a fashion rental service that features some of the most exciting up and coming brands as well as honed, household-name designers. With a London-based studio, you can even book an appointment to come try on specific pieces before you commit to renting. You may also be fortunate enough to live within the area where it serves a two-hour delivery service—ideal for any last-minute soirées you may have.

Such a great set!

Like what you see? Just wait until you see the back… 

Bored of dresses? Try a jumpsuit! 

Feathers are a big deal this party season.

Peer-to-peer rental site By Rotation has always led with a focus on community, encouraging users to follow the renters whose style they admire and ensuring the products on offer are refreshed regularly. With gorgeous clothes and accessories to choose from, consider this your one-stop rental hotspot. 

The dress brand Alexa Chung and Princess Kate love to wear. 

Loeffler Randall does great shoes. Turns out its bags are just as good. 

Comfort and chicness collide in Sleeper’s pyjama set. 

This will look so gorgeous on its own or with a white lace blouse underneath. 

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