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Recently I introduced my friends to the concept of microtrends. Over brunch and Bellinis, one of them had expressed to me just how much she loved the red colour that’s suddenly popping up across the market, but that she was reluctant to commit to it. I get it; when big trends bulldoze their way onto the fashion scene, it can be overwhelming. Sure, the trend in question feels “current”, but that alone isn’t reason enough to invest in it—especially on mass. Instead, if a trend piques your interest, genuinely feels like it’ll add value to your wardrobe and can see how it will help you hone your style or explore a new facet of it, then it could be worth trying, but on a smaller scale. Cue the microtrend. 

Mircotrends are offshoots of the bigger, overarching trends of the season (I’ve already charted winter’s at length for you here). If it’s a colour trend, it’s micro counterpart might be the way in which people are choosing to wear it (spoiler alert: there’s such an example below). If it’s a mood or aesthetic—the ’90s, for example—then chances are it’ll be distilled down into a key buy or look to emulate. 

Microtrends needn’t be frivolous or have a short lifespan; like I say, if you genuinely feel like the item will positively impact your style then you’re more likely to wear it for a long time. I’ve trawled through Instagram to uncover some chic winter microtrends to carry you into 2024 that I think have the potential to be long-term loves in your closet. Scroll on to see them. 

Style Notes: Red is the colour of the season (as it was last season and as it will be next). However, it can be a daunting shade to wear, especially if you’re not used to it. This is why I think red coats are becoming so prevalent. Yes, they’re statement, but this hue is actually really timeless in terms of outerwear and, for some reason, feels less committal than a full-red outfit. It might not be as versatile as black or camel but it’s a style that will live in your wardrobe forever—if you choose your silhouette wisely. Me? I’d go for something tailored and polished. 

Style Notes: If I’ve learned anything from the latest slew of spring/summer 2024 press days I’ve been to, it’s that grey jeans are going to be at the top of the denim agenda next year. From Frame and Mother to H&M and Abercrombie, steely grey pairs keep cropping up. Now, they’re on IG. 

Style Notes: Winter accessories are always worth the investment IMO. I spent a little more than I ordinarily would on a pair of woollen gloves a few seasons back and they’ve lasted better than any I’ve ever owned. So, I’m carrying that sentiment into 2024—this time in hat form. Tired of beanies and berets, I’ve decided to invest in a cute docker hat—a turn-up style trimmed with shearling (real or faux). Arket’s cute teddy iteration is following me everywhere at the moment, as seen on Anouk Yve. Toteme is also at it, so prepare to see docker hats on every high-end, snowy getaway this season.

Style Notes: Shifts in knitwear trends can be subtle yet still make a big impact. Cue retailers’ latest obession with fuzzy and fluffy pullovers. Alpaca and mohair wools naturally have a fuzzy finish, but I’m seeing more and more styles deliberately emulating the look. A word of caution, they will cast, but who cares when you can wrap up and look this cosy and chic? 

Style Notes: Jewellery is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your failsafe outfits feel new and sparkly, so I”m always on the lookout for something eye-catching. In place of chains, I’m seeings lots of spherical string necklaces and bracelets in silver and gold. 

Style Notes: Maxi skirts have been trending hard this season, as has denim, so why we haven’t seen denim maxi skirts come to the fore until now is a mystery. In many instances, these skirts are so long they drag along the floor—not ideal for snow and rain, I know, but for cool and crisp winter days, they’ll look cure airs with faux fur and your comfiest boots. Who cares what they look like—you won’t be able to see them! 

Style Notes: Tops cut close to the skin in stretchy tulle or lycra has been around for a while, but now it’s all about deliberately defined net mesh tops. Some have been adorned with crystals for party season while others are less glitzy—whichever you prefer, wear yours with a contrast bra or vest top underneath to achieve that relaxed vibe influencers have honed. 

Style Notes: A trend that reminds me of my beloved gran, exposed pop socks are everywhere I look, be it on the runway, IG, TikTok or, as of this week, on the very streets of London. Formerly a faux pas to have the band on show, fashion people are wearing their pop socks with miniskirts to show them off to full effect. Okay, to the fabric is thin but even the thinest layer is better than having nothing covering your feet in the winter months. 

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