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Holiday party season is upon us… do you have any holiday makeup tips and tricks? Have you learned anything new (a hairstyle, a makeup thing) or bought a new product you’ll definitely be using for upcoming holiday parties?

Kat’s Holiday Makeup: A Dramatic Eye

I must say I have fun with a dramatic makeup look… and hands down, the top trick I’ve learned lately that I’ll definitely be using for holiday makeup is to line the inside of my upper eyelid’s waterline with black pencil to make your lashline look fuller. I’ve been using this NudeStix eye liner — this thing does NOT budge and is a matte, opaque black; I find the chunkier pencil an easy way to get my waterline because it needs less precision than all of my skinnier eyeliner pencils.

(This is actually great for a “no makeup” look also because you can skip regular liner — my eyes look noticeably bigger when I do it.)

I also got this “winged eyeliner stamp” during the Black Friday sales, but haven’t tried it yet… I am almost as bad at a winged eyeliner as I am at fake eyelashes, and that’s saying something.

Otherwise, I generally like to let the kids pick my overall eye makeup color — sometimes I do black, sometimes brown, sometimes navy — and then choose my lip from there. (I keep trying purple, which should be great with my brownish-greenish eyes, but I feel like it just makes me look like I’m ill. Onwards…)

Psst: if you’re hunting for stocking stuffers, this set of lip stains in teensy wine bottles is kind of great. The colors all look different on me than as shown on the product page, but they all look better; they’re very wearable. “Merlot” is a really nice bluish red; it doesn’t read as purple at all.

Ann’s Holiday Makeup: An Elevated “No Makeup” Look

Glow Recipe Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops, $32

For the holidays, I take my usual “natural look” / “no-makeup look” up a level by adding some extra glow.

First, I prime my skin so my makeup lasts from cocktail hour to holiday cookie platter. Instead of using my usual mattifying primer, I’ll use one like Glow Recipe’s Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops that imparts a blurred, satin finish.

Next, I’ll mix a buildable, brightening foundation like NARS Sheer Glow Foundation with an illuminator like Kosas Glow I.V. Vitamin-Infused Skin Illuminating Enhancer for a healthy (but not shiny) glow.

Then, I go bold with a reflective lip gloss like this one from Fenty Beauty and shimmery eyeshadow like this one from stila.

From beginning to end, it takes me about five minutes (because kids). If you have a little more time, add some blush (like this one from NARS) for a “I just took a brisk walk in the snow” look, and your favorite eyeliner for more definition. A gold or silver mani (here’s a sparkly option from ella+mila) is also a nice festive touch.

Elizabeth’s Holiday Makeup Look: Flawless Skin

I just got a new product that makes me look slightly less ghostly white: Makeup by Mario’s SoftSculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer, a tinted balm that comes in six shades and is $30 at Sephora.

Stock photo via Pexels / Julia Larsen.

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