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If there is one celebrity who has had several iconic haircuts, it’s Victoria Beckham. Scrolling through image archives, you can spot the memorable moments in her career by the hairstyles she has worn. Who can forget her Spice Girls pixie haircut era? And what about her stacked bob that got it’s very own nickname as the ‘Pob’? And of course, she also rocked longer lengths with her WAG-era extensions and highlights as the watched David Beckham play football. And today, she is known for her effortless, undone waves.

Victoria Beckham with a sleek bob haircut in 1996.

Haircut trends come and go, and while some of these ’90s and ’00s haircuts now look a little dated, there is one Victoria Beckham haircut that has stood the test of time. The ‘Beckham bob’ marks her mid-nineties, sleek bob that she wore as Posh in the Spice Girls.

VB was known to wear her hair in a long, centre-parted bob during her Spice Girls days.

With a centre parting and subtle face-framing layers that flick inwards, the ‘Beckham bob’ featured a shoulder-skimming length and blunt ends, that was both chic and cool in the mid nineties, says Emma Vickery, creative director at Percy & Reed. “The ’90s Beckham Bob was iconic, we’re not talking about the early ’00s blonde graduated bob that’s a whole different vibe altogether – this is all about the brunette, sleek and centred parted one-length bob,” she says.

“It will suit most face shapes, as you can differ the length to work with your face shape. On Victoria, it always sat below the jaw, above the shoulder shaping in the direction of the collar bone. It was ever so slightly A-line but was minimally layered, so it never felt deconstructed, it always had a structure.”

In fact, it’s not unlike some of the blunt bob haircuts that we’re seeing everyone from Hailey Bieber to Rochelle Humes wearing right now—proving that this haircut is a timeless, anti-trend bob that stands the test of time. Ready to see how we’re wearing the Beckham bob today? Scroll ahead for all the haircut inspo, as well as the best hairstyling products to achieve the look.

Hailey Bieber’s blunt bob perfectly captures the ’90s vibe.

Ama Godson wears the haircut with subtly curled under ends.

The blunt ends on this cut makes hair look luxuriously thick and healthy.

A shoulder-skimming bob is a flattering length that is still long enough to be styled in multiple ways.

Laura Harrier gives us a lesson in how to wear the centre-parted bob.

This haircut looks so chic tucked behind the ears—the simplest styling hack.

Not the subtle face-framing layers that give the bob its curved shape.

The A-line shape gives this bob body and volume.

“When styling a bob like this, I would say either use straighteners or hairdryer with a round brush just to soften the ends into a slight curve,” says Vickery. “It’s also a really nice haircut for low-maintenance styling if cut on the right hair texture and it will grow out nicely, as it will just continue to grow into the shape that it’s been cut.”

A good blowdry spray will ensure a smooth and sleek result.

Those who have flyaways will love this—it creates glass-like shine and makes hair humidity-proof.

Beauty Pie’s round brushes are ideal for emulating those flicky ’90s layers.

For drying and straightening in one, the GHD Duet makes it a breeze to create sleek styles.

A glossy finish gives an expensive look, so load up on shine spray to finish your style.

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