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A stick-on bra probably isn’t high up on your new-season shopping list, but as the social season gets into swing, investing in the perfect wardrobe foundations is a must, particularly if your head has been turned by a backless dress or top.

There are a slew of brands specialising solely in adhesive underwear solutions, alongside offerings from lingerie heroes such as Marks and Spencer. One of the standout names we keep getting recommendations for the former is Fashion Forms. At Net-a-Porter, which stocks an impressive 66 different lingerie names, Fashion Forms is its best-selling stick-on brand. One of the most popular pieces in the range is the Go Bare Self-Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra (£25), which we’re told will ensure the perfect solution to any underwear issues. Stocked by John Lewis & Partners and and Selfridges, too, it’s got all the endorsement we need to give it a go.

It’s also worth shouting about InvisiBra, which offers a mind-boggling array of not just styles but attractive finishes. From flesh-coloured to lace finishes, you’re sure to find a stick-on bra to suit you, no matter your lingerie aesthetic, from one of the many brands getting self-adhesive bras right. 

So it’s time to stop assuming that because you’ve never previously dared a backless dress, you can’t do so now. Get clicking, get ordering and get trying, because we’re sure there’s one in the edit below for you. Scroll on to see the best stick-on bras, reviewed by real people who love to wear theirs. 

You’d be hard pressed to find a bad review about this. From the sleek design that allows for a plunging neckline, to the super sticky composition that keeps the style in place all day, this one comes highly praised. Plus, the style is easy to reuse over again, with many noting it has a good amount of padding and push up too. “LOVE. Easy to use, and gets the job done! Perfect for tops and dresses that you just can’t find a bra to wear under without showing.”—Customer Review

Fashion Forms is focused on clever lingerie that can support plunging necklines, backless dresses and intriguing necklines. This style uses silicone wings to hold the bra in place, and can be used more than once if cared for. Ensure your skin is dry and free from moisturisers to ensure the wings are able to lie properly against the skin, especially if you are readjusting the placement.  “I had read other reviews to size up on this style but my usual was perfect. Once you find your fit, you won’t regret it—I’ll never buy another backless bra other than this one again. I tell all my friends about it and they also can’t believe how good it is.”—Customer Review

NuBra’s seamless underwire bra features a special adhesive inside the cups. This is a great option if your backless silhouette is quite dramatic, and you won’t find the clear wings showing at the side of you. To add support, this style features underwiring.  “This is a great purchase, I definitely recommend the Nu Bra for any girl! Works really well, doesnt fall off and you even still have cleavage if you want! A really really great purchase for dresses and backless shirts.”—Customer Review

For those taking on a backless styles and plunging neckline, this bra covers both. What’s notable from the reviews is that the style sit subtly under various dresses. Although, some noted that as the shape is made to support plunging necklines too, it can be less comfortable than traditional strapless styles.  “From 4pm to 4am stayed perfectly in place and I finally got to wear my low cut dress both back and front without any bra straps showing! Great product, highly recommend it for that dresses with amazing cutouts that need that special Bra!”—Customer Review

Another maven of lingerie, Boux Avenue’s stick and clip bra is a do-it-all style. First stick, then clip the centre to ensure you retain the cleavage you want, even without a strap. The dipped front also offers an option to wearing a plunging neckline. Made from lightweight fabrics and a minimalist design, the lack of straps does mean it won’t give a lifting or push-up effect.  “I wore the stick on bra for over 12h at a wedding where there was a cèilidh at the reception. I danced nearly every dance, jumped up and down a lot, got very sweaty and it did not budge!”—Customer Review

One standout comment about this bra is the support factor. Featuring seamless moulded cups with a smooth finish, the style won’t be seen through dresses and gives a touch of support, even without straps. It’s also noted this style is comfortable for all day wear.  “I was very dubious at how this would stay up. Its first outing was an all-day wedding in 36 degrees heat in Italy… perfect staying power and provided a little support and shape that I was after. Second outing was another wedding this time in 34 degrees as a bridesmaid where I was moving around a lot and for a long time. Same staying power as the first wear! Honestly a fantastic product, so glad I read other peoples reviews so I felt obliged to add mine, too.”—Customer Review

Another favourite from NuBra, the Seamless Bra Cups features a hook front closure, light weight silicone and a fabric lining. With plenty of positive reviews, many customers has stuck to this style for years. With such a discreet shape, and adhering to the breast directly, there may be less overall support.  “Love these! I used the less expensive version of these but they felt less secure. This bra stays put and lasts a long time if you rinse each cup with warm water after each use. I live in the US and never have issues with sweat causing these to slip. Worth the price!”—Customer Review

The adjustable front and padded cups combine to add lift and cleavage. As the design curves around the breast, you can embrace the most dramatic backless silhouettes, and even low cut sleeves. Though, as it features a corset front, it may not work for thinner dress or top styles.  “I finally have a solution to all my backless dresses. There are so many dresses out there that are difficult to wear if you don’t have the right bra and I love this one. It sticks without any pain when you remove it and sits in place all day. The only down side is that if you are in ridiculously hot weather it does peel off a little bit. But if you are going to sit in hot weather, why wear clothes at all!”—Customer Review

It can be tricky to combine retain cleavage with a backless dress, but this bra works to change that. Featuring a corset-front, this bra is praised for its cleavage creating design by various sized wearers from A cups to double D. Whilst the cups are a seamless design, the toggle may show through depending on your cleavage.  “Bought this not expecting much but wanted to try it out if interest. I haven’t got the biggest boobs and find it quite hard to get a cleavage but I put this on and was pleasantly surprised! Nice little cleavage and worked great with the dress I tried on with it, was comfy and very flattering.”—Customer Review

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