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While some fashion trends seem to change like the wind, you simply cannot beat the timeless appeal of a killer party dress. Everyone can remember a moment in their lives when they felt like a million bucks, and more often than not, this memory tends to include a showstopping frock.

Now that we find ourselves in December, suddenly, that big outfit decision is looking pretty imminent. That’s where we come in. We noticed that Zara was looking particularly chic in the party-dress area, and as a necessary public service, we thought we’d do a curated edit of our favourite looks.

While a few trends are featured (such as slip dresses and red shades), we’ve purposefully picked dresses that will survive the season and serve you for years to come. Our party-dressing rules? You can’t go wrong with sequins and velvet, as they’re both classics when it comes to after-dark dressing. Oh, and slinky, calf-grazing slips can also make for a sultry look, which you can then dress down with a knit and boots the day after. We’re all about getting the most out of your purchases, after all.

So whether you’re shopping for your work party or a NYE soirée or just fancy adding something special to your wardrobe, scroll on to see the best Zara party dresses to shop right now. 

If you told me this was designer, I’d believe you. 

Take a trending colour, add an elegant neckline, and this is the dress you get. 

Any dress with a scarf detail is top of my list this season. 

Stick to a simple silhouette and let the colour be centre stage. 

Nothing says party quite like sequins. 

If you have a chance to wear a maxi dress, this is your sign to take it. 

The fluidity of this dress is so elegant. 

Prefer a more subtle shimmer? This one’s for you. 

The festive season is a key time to embrace a little shimmer. 

You’ll rewear this for all occasions from birthdays to weddings. 

Celebrate the season with a chic tinsel dress. 

Any time you want to up the ante, you can turn to this dress. 

This will glisten with every step. 

The draping is exquisite. 

Dress up or dress down, you’ll get so much wear out of this dress. 

The textured fabric adds a wintery feel. 

Now this is a way to make an entrance. 

Elegant, understated, yet incredibly effective. 

The feathers make this feel even more premium. 

Silky dresses always fit the bill. 

For those who love a mini style. 

Now this is a party dress. 

Velvet fabrics are always trending at this time of year. 

Let’s hear a little commotion for the back. 

This dress is sure to turn heads. 

From the colour to the rhinestone details, this dress is sure to fly. 

This piece was published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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