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When it comes to determining the next big trends, the runway is usually the first place I turn. After all, the designer collections are where the most notable fashion movements start, so it’s always interesting to see them untainted and in their original form. From there, I like to take to Instagram to see how these trends translate in real life; by way of actual outfits. If something has made the leap from the catwalk to TikTok, I know it holds merit. Taking this a step farther, I thought I’d narrow my research even further, specifically looking at the fashion trends French people are backing for 2024. Why? Because I appreciate their nuanced approach to trends. 

We often talk about how the French aesthetic is heavily built on wardrobe classics, never-date pieces that make getting dressed a simplified process. And while this stands to reason, I have noticed that the recent looks of the French people I closely follow have begun to mirror 2024’s overarching trends

French women seem to be tapping into the most important runway trends of 2024 early. From embracing the latest It hues to showcasing an update on the biggest shoe trend of the last year, Gallic girls are already gearing their wardrobes towards 2024. I, for one, plan on joining them. 

Scroll on to see the 2024 fashion trends French women are already backing, many of which I reckon you’ll have lurking somewhere in your wardrobe. If not, I’ve also shopped out some key buys for you, too. 

Style Notes: Red has been one of the biggest trends of the last year and, if the runway’s enduring obsession with chilli hues is anything to go by, it’s going to be just as prevalent for 2024 (if not more so). The French way to wear it? In pops, as it turns out. A jumper knotted around your shoulder, a shoe to pep-up an all-black outfit, or a scarf used to brighten an old coat—this is how Parisians have adopted the trend. 

Style Notes: Mary Janes have been a runaway shoe trend for the past few seasons. If you have already invested in a pair, this will be music to your ears. If not, then there’s still time. Follow the French lead by seeking out pairs with more than one strap across the top of your foot for the freshest take. 

Style Notes: Chic cape details keep cropping up across the new-season collections, and French women have been the earliest adopters of the look. Make like Sylvie Mus and layer a poncho over basic tops and shirts for on-trend appeal, or look for pieces with capes built in already to really devote yourself to it. 

Style Notes: The “old money” aesthetic isn’t new, but it still feels current with the change in season. French style has always gone hand-in-hand with this classic look, with influencers continuing to showcase quiet luxury looks as we edge closer to 2024. For me it comes down to accessories; a sumptuous suede tote being the ultimate indulgence, while a cleverly-placed brooch will give every outfit you fix it to instant, “old money” polish. 

Style Notes: You heard it here first—yellow is going to be one of the biggest colour trends of 2024, and I’ve just seen three French influencers in the space of a week wearing this very specific canary-yellow hue. Considering their usual wardrobe centre on a heavily neutral palette, this is perhaps the most noteworthy of all the trends I’ve listed. 

Style Notes: Where the earring has dominated 2023, the focus is set to shift to neckwear when we settle into 2024, and French girls are already ahead of the curve! Opting for chunky black ribbon chokers with even chunkier pendants dangling from them, this look is so ’90s but, worn with pieces such as a thick woollen cardigan, it also feels inherently French. 

Style Notes: At just about every 2024 press day I’ve attended, I’ve seen a pair of grey jeans. Now, the market is starting to ramp up, too, with more grey jeans on offer than ever before. Make like Julie Sergent Ferreri and invest in a wide-leg pair, and blend with co-ordinating outerwear. 

Style Notes: Aside from Franny Fyne’s cool sweater, baseball cap and moto boots, what struck me most was her plaid skirt. Checks were a mainstay on the 2024 runway circuit, which is great as, chances are, this is a motif you’ve already bought into previously. If not, Reformation and H&M have your back. 

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