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In recent years fashion editors and insiders have been investing in elevated, everyday staples, with an increased demand for timeless pieces that are resistant to the fickle trend cycle. This considered and minimalist aesthetic is particularly prominent in the handbag category, where form and function are key considerations. Parisian fashion house Longchamp has a reputation within the fashion industry for its excellent craftsmanship and beautiful fabrics, which make it a reliable choice if you are looking for a handbag that is guaranteed to be a future classic within your wardrobe. There is one style in particular which is proving popular this year and is destined for It bag status—the recently-released half-moon bag, the Roseau Essential Hobo. 

Crescent-shaped bags were a popular silhouette in the ’90s, and it is a shape that has recently made a comeback alongside other signatures from the era, such as slip skirts and single-breasted leather coats. The appeal of this curved bag lies in its simplicity—the clean lines make the Roseau Essential Hobo the perfect everyday companion, however the arched shape gives it a point of difference. Thoughtful design details stop it from being too simple—the bamboo hardware detail, for example, is an if-you-know-you-know touch that makes this particularly striking.

The Roseau Essential Hobo is an investment you can feel good about buying, as not only is it designed with longevity and wearability in mind (note that the strap is adjustable), but the quality of both the leather and suede is exceptional. It’s so crafted to be a practical bag that can carry you through all of your plans, no matter the occasion.

To help demonstrate just how versatile (and stylish) this bag really is, we asked three of the most elegant women we know how they are styling their Roseau Essential Hobo this autumn. Whether you opt for the buttermilk-yellow or the rich mahogany iteration, this French-girl It bag will add a Parisian spin to any of your looks this winter. The only question is, which colour to go for?

Style Notes: Neutral shades have become the ultimate symbol of understated luxury – wearing a white coat or cream cashmere sends a clear signal that you are far too sophisticated to worry about mundane, practical considerations like stains or scuff marks. This is as versatile and timeless as any black handbag, however the buttery wheat shade adds an extra elegant dimension to any outfit. India Cardona shows this bag looks particularly beautiful when worn with minimalist staples, as she paired her half-moon bag with black velvet shorts and knee-high boots, and a tonal roll-neck jumper.

Style Notes: In recent years colour palettes have been more muted, with the exception of bright red which has been the dominant shade for several seasons now. Celebrities and street style stars have been favouring the “pop of red” styling trick where you spice up an otherwise simple outfit with one or two striking flashes of scarlet. Mariko Kuo shows that the easiest way to execute this trend is via beautifully crafted red accessories. She makes her black sleeved midi-dress look more fashion-forward with the addition of postbox-red heeled boots and the Roseau in a deep, rusty shade. Despite the bold colour, this is a classic, minimalist choice thanks to the clean lines and subtle embossed logo. 

Style Notes: A suede handbag in a mahogany tone has long been considered a Parisian staple, and this outfit by Sarah Mikaela is textbook French-girl style. All-black tailoring is an easy shortcut to the Gallic look that has been mythologised for decades, and this boxy blazer and knee-high boots combo is the epitome of the insouciant styling you’d expect to spot in a café somewhere in Le Marais. When it comes to this classic Parisian aesthetic, Longchamp leads the way with its accessories, which all have a timeless sensibility that focuses on beautiful construction and best-in-class fabrics. Adding one burgundy item to an otherwise all-black look is also a very French approach to accessorising that cleverly focuses the eye on the handbag. 

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