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I’m pretty lucky. Not only do I have a job where I get to experience, write, and learn about the newest beauty products and beauty trends hitting the beauty industry, but I also get to interview and get to know the artists and experts who execute and create them. That said, I also feel lucky to have a beauty-loving, 73-year-old makeup artist mom who I can consult about anything and everything. (My poor father never gets a word in when we have a family catch-up call. Sorry, Dad!) 

Being a 73-year-old product junkie and also a Tucson-based makeup expert who specialises in educating older women about makeup and skincare, my beautiful mum knows a thing or two when it comes to choosing the best products for mature skin. Oftentimes (but not always), when I try to foist my favourite formulas on her, she turns up her nose or doesn’t like them, citing reasons I simply don’t think of like wrinkles, pigmentation, and other skin issues that arise as we get older. Sure, I might have annoying breakouts that my mom doesn’t have to deal with, but she battles fine lines, dryness, wrinkles, age spots, and other symptoms of ageing skin I (obviously) lack experience with. 

It’s no secret my mum looks about 20 years younger than her actual age, and in addition to taking really amazing care of her skin, her expert knowledge about strategic products like foundation, highlighter, and concealer also contributes to people never guessing her true 73 years. Ahead, she’s sharing the 10 best concealers for mature skin she uses and/or recommends to her older clientele. Then, because I can never resist adding my two cents, I’m following up with all of my favourites, which, thanks to their hydrating and skin-perfecting perks, are great options as well. Keep scrolling for 20 of the best concealers for mature skin that money can buy. 

This is one of Erin’s favourite concealers, and I’m so glad she turned me on to it. Even though I’m pretty particular when it comes to concealers, it was love at first doe-foot applicator touch to the skin with this concealer. (And, by the way, the doe-foot applicator is flat on one side, which ratchets up the ease of application even further.) This formula absolutely glides on, yet it’s not too thin and almost feels cool to the touch. It’s medium to full coverage and very hydrating—which is a criterion at the top of my check-off list for more mature skin since it tends to be drier.  It’s easily buildable and feels featherlight on the skin. And it has blurring properties to boot.

Can I really give the second top spot to a concealer I’ve never tried? This is one of the most iconic concealers on the market, makeup artists and celebrities love it, and I know Erin has tried it and can vouch for it as well. I’ve heard other women absolutely rave about this product. Even though it’s in a stick formulation (which is definitely not my favourite applicator choice), the high-quality formula is designed to glide on smoothly—be it underneath your eyes or atop discoloration. Very little is needed, which is really good to hear, especially since one of the reasons I haven’t yet tried it is because of the sticker shock price tag of £55. The only other negative is that the shade range is still quite limited compared to some other top formulas.

This concealer is sheer to medium coverage but buildable. I’m not crazy about the squeeze tube applicator since it’s so easy to squeeze out more than you need, but the creamy, easy-to-blend quality of this concealer scores big points. Plus, it won’t get cakey underneath your eyes or over mature skin with fine lines, wrinkles, or other textural issues. 

This is a concealer formula I’ve had in my arsenal forever. It has a semi-matte, semi-satin finish, but the consistency is quite creamy and sheer to medium in coverage. You can definitely build it up and layer it depending on how much coverage you need. I love how affordable it is, but I often find myself reaching for it and then drawing my hand back and going with a different concealer. The reason? I’m not really a fan of the foam-like applicator ball. But the concealer formula itself is definitely one of the better ones out there for more mature skin! Especially if you’re on a budget. 

This may be one of the most talked-about concealers ever. It has a lovely, thick, creamy consistency and is quite opaque, so a little goes a long way. The only hesitation I have in recommending it is that some people find it drying on the skin, which can be problematic if you have mature skin. I recommend trying to get a sample to see if it works with your skin type. 

This is quite a lightweight and radiant formula, which can sometimes be a drawback as it can highlight texture. However, if you’re looking for a non-heavy concealer that has a lovely soft glow and solid coverage, this is a great affordable option for mature skin. 

This is a great concealer if you have mature AND dry skin. It’s full-coverage with some luminosity and great hydration. It’s highly pigmented, very long-lasting and comes in 12 shades. A little of this concealer goes a very long way. Once again, some women might not like how luminous this concealer formula is, but if you like some glow, this is one of the best concealers for mature skin. 

This concealer comes in a whopping 48 shades, so you will definitely find your match. This has full coverage with more of a matte finish compared to the other It Cosmetics concealer formula above, which is more luminous. It’s highly pigmented with good-for-your-skin peptides as well.

This is a beautiful, hydrating formula that provides full coverage—and a great range of shades (30). I first tried it because Erin usually has it with her when she comes to visit us, and she told me most beauty editors she knows and celebrity makeup artists she’s interviewed are also fans. It’s one of the few concealers out there that has satisfying coverage without looking thick and heavy. It lives up to its famous name! 

E.l.f.’s Camo Concealer has been a long-time favourite, but this newer version has a more hydrating formulation, which makes it an even better option for those with mature skin. It’s also affordable and has a pretty good variety of shades to choose from. 

Price shown is members price. With a hydrating hyaluronic acid and shea butter formula, this hydrates as it conceals to leave skin plump and blurred. This is ideal for concealing around the eye area in particular, as many concealers are prone to creasing.

One of Hourglass’s newest product launches is not only my newest favourite product this year but backed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to boot. 

I love how hydrating this concealer is from Too Faced. Plus, the coverage flexibility is amazing. You can keep it sheer or really build it up—I’ve even used it as a foundation for days I want something a little lighter. It’s one of those products I have in multiple shades and throw into all of my bags. 

Everyone in the beauty industry knows about and loves MAC’s iconic foundations. (They’re a staple on red carpets and film sets alike), but let’s not forget the brand makes amazing concealers as well. This one has a lightweight, fluid texture that blends seamlessly into skin without any caking or creasing.

I love this concealer so much. Not only is it creamy, easy to blend, and hydrating, but a little goes a long, long way, so you get major bang for your buck. It also has the added perk of making your complexion look poreless.

This concealer is named Stay Naked for a reason. It provides full coverage against dark circles and any imperfections while literally disappearing into the skin. Plus, I swear it doesn’t crease, which feels pretty groundbreaking. (Most concealers crease—even if their packaging tells you they won’t!)

I live in L.A. and any formula that can withstand a full workday, a workout, and the L.A. heat and sun (without looking mucky and dry by hour seven) is a winner in my book. 

A makeup artist favourite that provides seamless, durable coverage. If you’re a fan of Armani’s cult-classic foundation, you’ll want to add this foundation to your repertoire as well. 

This concealer from Huda Beauty is truly like the real-life version of the blur tool on FaceTune. It’s hydrating, full of skin-loving ingredients, and makes your face look airbrushed in the best way possible.

I’m OBSESSED with this concealer. It’s seriously so good and looks and applies like velvet. It’s hydrating and makes even my dark, dry under-eyes look bright and smooth. Plus, it has some cool technology like Shiseido’s ActiveForce Technology, which staves off sweat, oil, and creasing; a Responsive Sensory Technology, which effortlessly adapts to the condition, tone, and texture of your skin; and last but not least, a Smart-Correcting Powder, the magic behind its smoothing and perfecting expertise. 

Opening image: @erin_jahns

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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