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A New York Times reader wondered whether ties will make a comeback.

Politico shared some of the many public tributes (so far!) honoring former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — the first female Supreme Court justice — who passed away this week.

Business Insider spoke to a clinical psychologist about the workplace challenges faced by people with ADHD.

Forbes explained how career breaks can be healing.

Essence noted that a new report revealed that Black women working with mostly white teams face challenges with promotion and retention.

Yahoo! Life reported on a new study that determined the three top concerns menopausal women have in the workplace.

The Wall Street Journal declared (via Katie Roiphe), “When women get together without men, the conversation can be thrillingly honest and intimate.”

NPR reported that Jezebel is getting a new life after being bought by Paste.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from Weekly Humorist, with “Simple Airbnb Check-Out Instructions From Your Host.”

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