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Last night Jennifer Lawrence attended a Saks and Dior Christmas store unveiling in New York, and treated us to a very chic outfit in the process. As the “old money” aesthetic continues to rumble through both beauty and fashion, we couldn’t help but feel that J Law’s latest sophisticated look had the burgeoning trend stamped all over it. 

Reflecting a classic combination that could easily be adopted by an Upper East side octogenarian as it it could the 20-something editors in our team, her black headband, pavé stud earrings and the upturned collar of a white shirt all spoke to the polished finish we’re seeing come to the fore this autumn/winter season. The refinement didn’t stop there: A clean-cut belted black coat, satin midaxi skirt and matching black knee boots all looked as smart as can be.

After many years of either ultra-casual or incredibly risqué outfits ruling the celebrity dress code, it’s refreshing to see the kind of elegant formulas many of us would like to adopt for a smarter work wardrobe or fancy event. And this has been the thread that has run through many of Lawrence’s recent (and really very good) outfits. In fact, this combination is not dissimilar from the look she chose to wear to the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week in October, selecting a minimalistic white button-down and black maxi skirt pairing. 

Keep scrolling to see Jennifer Lawrence’s latest look, and see her “old money” aesthetic in a few classic buys.

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