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Vidal Blanc [vi-dahl blon] is a white wine grape variety created by French grape breeder Jean Louis Vidal in the 1920s. It’s a hybrid of Ugni Blanc and Rayon d’Or grapes. The grape was named after its creator and is known for its ability to withstand cold climates. It’s grown in regions with harsh winters, such as the northeastern United States and Canada, and is used to produce various wine styles, including ice wines.

Vidal Blanc wines typically have bright citrus notes, hints of stone fruit, tropical and floral aromas, and sometimes herbal or grassy undertones, with sweet versions showcasing pronounced honeyed flavors and a balanced acidity.

Food Pairing
Vidal Blanc wines are versatile for food pairings and can complement a range of dishes but it is considered to be especially tasty in a combination with fruit salads and desserts such as Italian panna cotta.

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