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There are just 12 weeks left for this year to come to an end. And these 12 weeks can change your life, and there’s no need to wait for the New Year to make weight loss resolutions once again. Changing your life and losing weight in 12 weeks is not an unrealistic goal, but it requires commitment, consistency, and effective strategies. A majority of people have trouble getting started – they wait for Monday, New year, or special events for motivation, but in reality, any day is a good day to start, in fact, today is the best day to kickstart your weight loss journey. And if you are looking for successful approaches, 7 Effective Strategies To Start Losing Weight From Today:

1. Keep Your Plate Colorful:

Eat the rainbow they say! This is an ideal way to get a variety of nutrients with each meal. By consuming food with a variety of colors, you’re more likely to get a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, a majority of which boost metabolism and facilitate fat burning. Additionally, colorful fruits and veggies are typically low in calories and high in fiber and water content. This means you can eat more quantity and feel fuller with fewer calories. Many colorful foods are also rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, which in a way helps to prevent fat accumulation (for example, red cabbage and purple eggplants have anthocyanins that studies have shown fights obesity).

2. Cut Down Sugar Consumption:

Sugar, experts say, is a major roadblock, that can totally stall the weight loss journey, and cutting down or completely quitting sugar can be a complete game-changer, and you would see results much faster. Nutritionally deficient and high in calories, excessive consumption of sugar leads to build-up of fat in the body, particularly in the form of belly fat. As we have mentioned previously, cutting down or eliminating sugar completely from the diet would be hugely beneficial in shedding extra fat within a short period of time. Also read: “Is Honey Better Than Sugar For Weight Loss?”

3. Add More Protein and Fiber:

Protein is not just for bodybuilders and fiber is essential for weight loss, not just for those with diabetes. Amp up the intake of protein and fiber in your diet and you would see you would feel fuller for longer, with reduced cravings for unhealthy food. Protein and fiber pave the way for weight loss, so make sure you are having enough protein and fiber on a daily basis. To know how to increase these macronutrients, check out the diet plans on the Rati Beauty app.

4. Make Small and Sustainable Changes:

People often abandon their weight loss plans mid way because they follow unsustainable practices, such as drastically reducing calorie intake, starving, and have no variety in food, etc. Ease into the diet, start by making small changes such as reducing portion sizes of meals instead of starving. Cut down processed food and add healthy food in its place. Walk more and get more steps instead of hitting the gym with a vengeance. When there are too many restrictions, food deprivation, and excessive physical strain, people lose motivation and revert back to their old eating habits and lifestyle. Start small and gradually make changes. Also read: “14 Foods that are Worse For Weight Loss Than White Sugar.”

5. Prioritize Sleep:

You wouldn’t believe how big a role good-quality sleep plays in weight loss. You can do everything right in terms of food and exercise but without 7 to 8 hours of sleep, hormones that control appetite and hunger go haywire, leading to increased appetite and cravings for sugar-rich, calorie-dense food. Also, lack of sleep increases cortisol, high levels of which would lead to weight gain, especially around the waist. So, prioritize sleep from today, keep all gadgets and phone away at least one hour before hitting the bed, have your last meal 3 hours before bedtime, and get your 7 hours of peaceful sleep to boost fat burning.

6. Gym is Not The Only Place Where Fat Burn Happens:

Gym can be an intimidating place, and if hitting the gym is out of question right now, activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, dancing too are effective workout routines that can be done without any special equipment. In fact, you can find workout videos on the Rati Beauty app which you can do in the comfort of your home. You just need a pair of shoes and walking helps to shed a considerable amount of weight.

7. Get Expert Help:

Chalking out meal plans, calorie tracking and counting, planning and making strategies can all be overwhelming and daunting if you are doing it on your own. What you need is help, guidance, and support, and you can get it all on the Rati Beauty app. Our team of professionals and strong community would help you achieve your fitness goals. Join our community today and get access to expert advice on diet, nutrition, and proven weight loss strategies.

So, don’t wait for New Year to come, start losing weight from today, from this moment. Together, let’s embark on a journey towards a happier, healthier, and fitter you.

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