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I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a change of the season.

This summer felt extra hot in Los Angeles and I’m really looking to cooler months ahead and a more structured routine for June. I absolutely love our schedule and little routine moments with June. Taking her to school is one of my favorite moments where we sing in the car, bond, and catch up on our day.

There are a few key basics that we use for June that I’m linking below, along with a few other back to school basics I think you’ll love.

Lunch Time

For June, we had a few Yeti’s made with her name on it. Our school makes sure that everything has kiddo’s names on everything. She loves this pink rambler and we had “June” monogrammed on it. Unlike last year, I also got ahead of the curve and ordered a Stoney Clover lunch tote with her name on it {see above}. I was pretty proud that I thought ahead on this one! I also got a few ice packs to pop into the bag to keep things cool until lunchtime.

Here are a few more cute ideas: You could DIY monogram this simple lunch tote and/or have your little one add stickers. If it’s your first year, we did this bento box for June’s lunches last year. I got letter stickers and put them on the box. It lasted me almost a full year before they started peeling off!


When it comes to backpacks, my girl is a bit obsessed. She loves collecting backpacks and demands that they’re all hanging on hooks in the playroom so she can pick which one she wants each day. Lately, her favorite is this new Stoney Clover one that she got as a gift (see feature image).

However she equally loves this monogrammed one that I scored off The Tot a few months ago.  It’s slightly smaller than our Stoney Clover one.


Don’t even get me started on June’s undies and tanks collection. This is ALL she wants to wear 24/7 and even underneath her clothes she’ll have a tank and undies on. Her favorite are by H&M.

Here are a few of June’s favorite pieces: Rain Jacket, anything 1212, Favorite Jacket of all time, Keds Sneakers

Now that June goes to the bathroom by herself at school, I try to only dress her in shorts and tops versus dresses because it’s easier for her to do. However, she is crazy obsessed with these Masion Me dresses and they’re so easy to order multiple colors of. They also come in long sleeved!

Don’t forget to order name stickers for all of the clothing!

Swim, Sports & Sunscreen

Our school does “water Wednesdays” during the first half of the year and June absolutely loves Minnow Swim. She’s at the age where I try to let her pick out her own clothing and swimsuits and she gets so excited when new things arrive in the mail. She’s also more likely to wear them with no protest.

It was shockingly rather difficult for me to find June some shorts for soccer that she loved. We narrowed in on this trio-set and now everyone’s happy. You guys also know how much we love 1212! They have the absolute best basics that are 100% organic cotton.

Lastly, don’t sleep on the new Minibloom sunscreen stick. June is obsessed with applying this “all by herself.” I pop one in her backpack just so she has one on hand for backup.



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