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When I need to get my creative juices flowing for a client call, a CEO Day, or just to get my brain back on track, some combination of these things always works:

1 // Exercise

I have a bunch of videos saved to a Youtube playlist—mostly dance, yoga, and dumbbell workouts.

Even if I’m in a shit mood and just don’t feel like doing nuthin’ 5-10 minutes of dancing with Mike Peele or The Fitness Marshall puts me in a better headspace.

2 // Pretty Pins

The number of Pinterest boards I have is low key ridiculous, but it’s oddly comforting and mildly stimulating to collect Pictures of Stuff You Like.

For me that’s fashion, food, graphic design, and interiors. It’s digital hoarding, but organized for type-A personalities.

3 // Naps

Hear me out: dozing at my desk has helped me get through many a post-lunch slump. The key is not to get so comfortable that you go to SLEEP sleep.

I like to sit in my desk chair, put my feet up, and set my phone timer for 10-15 minutes (and I may hit snooze once or twice).

Hear me out: dozing for 10-15 minutes at my desk has helped me get through many a post-lunch slump.

4 // Art

Museums and art shows and markets, oh my! Part of it is the stuff there, but part of it is just being around other people who also appreciate art.

Something about finding “your people” that activates the ol’ receptive neurons and makes being alone feel less lonely.

5 // Nature

Go outside! Fresh air is a cure for damn near everything IMO.

I’ll take a 5 min walk around the block with music, a podcast, a meditation, in silence—hell, even crying—depending on what I feel I need. It may not solve the problem but I always feel better and my brain is more receptive.

6 // People

Talk to people. I swear, just asking how it’s going, LISTENING, and following up with a relevant question is a game-changer for brain function. In 2020 we learned how much we NEED human interaction; that hasn’t changed.

Know that you can boost your creativity even when you’re feeling stuck! This is what helps me when I need some inspiration or just want an outlet for all the thoughts bouncing around in my head.

How do you spark your creativity when it seems to be on pause?

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