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Yayyy, winter is here. While winter is a beautiful season because you can wear those amazing stylish clothes and eat all the wonderful dishes while being in the cozy quilt, the skin during this season suffers the most.

During winters, our skin becomes dull, dry, and flaky. It also gets 2-3 shades darker because we tend to spend more time in the sun, and harsh cold winds make skin dry and dull.

In order to bring back your lost glow during winters, one needs to put some extra effort into the daily skincare routine.

You need to change your ways of doing your skincare so that your skin can become fair and glowing in this season.

In this article, I am going to tell you recipes of two homemade winter creams that will make your skin 1 shade lighter in just 3 days and if you continue to use them, your skin will become lighter and brighter.

I will share recipes of two creams that are suitable for all skin types by making a few adjustments that I will tell in the recipe itself.

So, without wasting any more time, Let’s dive into the 3 days magical homemade winter fairness cream challenge

1. Milk and Kesar Winter Fairness cream

winter fairness cream

Ingredients Required:

Milk (1 cup)

Almond (4-5 in numbers)

Kesar or Saffron ( 5-6 strands)

Turmeric (1 pinch)

Hung Curd


Take Raw milk in a pan and add 4-5 crushed almonds, saffron strands, and turmeric in it. Let it rest for 1 hour, then boil the mixture for 5-6 minutes. 

Allow the milk to cool down at room temperature before putting it into a mixing jar. Grind it finely and strain it.

Do not throw away the material left on the strainer as you can use it as a skin scrub.

Now add 2-3 tablespoons of hung curd ( curd without water ) and mix vigorously for 4-5 minutes.

You will see that the mix has taken the consistency of cream.

Store this cream in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator. You can use this cream for up to 1 week.

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How to use?

Apply this cream before bedtime after washing your face. You can either apply it for half an hour, then wash it or leave it for the whole night. In both ways, it will lighten and brighten your skin.

2. Vitamin E and Aloe vera Winter Fairness Cream

winter cream

Ingredients Required:

Vitamin E oil ( 2 capsules)

Almond Oil ( 1 tablespoon)

Aloe Vera Gel ( 2 tablespoons) 

Glycerine ( 1 tablespoon) 

Saffron or Kesar ( 4-6 strands)

Turmeric ( 1 pinch)

Rose Water ( 1 tablespoon)

(if your skin is excessively dry use 1.5 tablespoons of almond oil and 3 capsules of vitamin E oil)


Mix all the ingredients together and blend them until they get cream-like consistency. Store it in a jar and put it in the fridge.

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How to use it?

Before bedtime, wash your face and apply this cream, and massage in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. leave it for the night.

Use this cream within 1 week.


Both the creams that we have prepared here are made from raw kitchen ingredients which is why the cream can start to become bad after 1 week. Therefore, You need to prepare the cream in a small quantity so that it can last you for only a week.

How do these creams work?

Both the creams contain ingredients that you will find in high-end ayurvedic products. All the ingredients work magic in providing nourishment and glow to the skin.

Raw milk is an excellent item that nourishes and reduces melanin content in the skin.

Turmeric and Saffron together fight any skin inflammation such as acne, blackhead, etc, and give a glow to the skin.

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Other ingredients such as aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, curd, etc. work together to make your skin lighter and brighter in winters.

I have used this cream and it gave me visible results in just 3 days. I would definitely like you to try any of the above-presented creams for at least a week and share the results with me.

I hope you liked the article, if you have any queries or suggestions, please write them in the comment section below. I love to read and reply to your comments.

Thank You

Take Care

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