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Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans

With makeup, brows are often overlooked, but they’re by far one of the most important bits to get right. Bold, full brows have been trending for several years now, but the trends have moved on from more bushy, untamed brows to neat, groomed arches in the last few seasons. Brow lamination is all about creating longer lasting thicker, fuller brows, and when done in-salon it involves straightening the individual eyebrow hairs to neaten them up. That’s right, straightening the brows! I’ve even trialled this treatment myself, but is it worth giving it a go?


Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans

What Is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination involves a non-toxic chemical solution to straighten the brow hairs to ensure they all stand in the same direction. You can set brows in the desired position, so it’s almost like the equivalent of a blow-dry and set, but for your eyebrows! Salon results can last up to eight weeks depending on how your hair grows. It’s worth speaking to a professional to find out if they’d be able to achieve your desired results before booking in for an expensive treatment, or you could try the look out for yourself at home.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans

Where Can You Get It Done?

There are a huge number of salons now offering this treatment, I went see Nilam Holmes at DermaSpa, who recommended the treatment to me because I have full, thick eyebrows and this was a good way to tame them. It’s sort of the opposite of an eyelash perm – but will last about the same amount of time. Nilam is a real expert in this area so check her out (and her Eyebrow Queen range) if you want to know more.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans

Get The Brow Lamination Look At Home

Since it involves chemical straightening, it isn’t advisable to give it a go at home yourself. However, if it is groomed, set brows that you want, you can definitely try this for yourself. Using a brow brush or even a disposable mascara wand to comb your brows in the desired direction will help you to style your eyebrows. I have used hairspray on a spool to style brows and drag queens even go one further and use a UHU glue stick! If you want a well-groomed look, stick with the direction of growth, along the brow bone, or if you want to try something more fashion-forward, brush the hairs straight up. Set your brows in place with an eyebrow gum or setting gel and use a fine pencil to fill brows as desired for a fuller appearance. My current favourite product for styling brows is Anastasia’s Brow Fix because it’s not at all sticky.

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