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My name is Kallirroy Pispa, but almost all of my friends call me Roy. I was born in Kalamata, which is a really beautiful town in Greece, and yes, I am Greek, which is the reason I have such an unusual name. When I was a kid, I liked dancing, and from an early age I used to participate in various dance festivals. Unlike most of the other girls, luckily I have been thin and tall throughout all my life. Everyone recommended that I try becoming a model, though I was not sure about that.

For me it started by chance, while visiting a clothing store with a friend of mine. The owner of the store liked how I looked and asked me if I would want an opportunity to pose for a photoshoot in the clothes they were selling. Having in mind I was only 16, I had to ask my parents for permission. When I went home, I discussed it with my mom and dad, and they agreed to allow me to work there during the weekends, not to miss school classes.

I was so excited that I started working straight away, and the next weekend I already had my first photoshoot as a model. I had no idea how to pose or anything like that, so I had to learn it rapidly on the ago, on my own mistakes. Day by day, I gradually got better. I liked my first job and started to read more about fashion and various successful models. Another occasional opportunity came by when I turned 17. A designer of a couture fashion show noticed me at a dance performance. He then found me in the social networks and offered to try working with them.

They were going to have a fashion show and he picked me as the main model to open the show. It was my first fashion show, so it made me really inspired of course! On the one hand, I still could not imagine myself being a full-time model yet. I was recommended to assign with a model agency, so I started to research more about it. When I finally found the one, it all got started! That became my real entry into the fashion industry.

Since that time, I had a chance to work with various brands and designers in haute couture, participating in photoshoots and runway shows. It is still hard for me to believe because I was just a 19 year old girl at that time! Like most of the other young models of my age, I had to combine modeling with my university’s studies. Most of the castings used to take place in Athens, so I had often travel there, which was very exhausting sometimes. But despite all the difficulties, the game was worth the candle!

On the day when I was chosen to open the catwalk show at Athens Fashion Week, I was so touched that I started crying from happiness. I will never forget that moment! I adore walking the catwalk, it’s really making me passionate. Especially that moment when you stand there behind the curtain which divides you from the catwalk, crowds of fashion show visitors and photographers, and you hear the command “GO!”, and you start graciously walking the catwalk. I love all that!

However, same as in every other model’s story – there were bad days as well, of course! Fashion industry can be cruel and tough, the competition is inconceivable, and any failures are never welcomed. But it all depends on how you react to the difficulties – for me it’s another chance to improve my skills and improve myself. During those years of modeling work, I had to overcome plenty of tough moments but I never allowed myself to give up, and I always tried to do my best.

My biggest job so far was the one I got in the beginning of this year, in Milan. I wasn’t sure if it was the right choice for me to fly to Italy, completely on my own, but I decided to go for it because it would be a big step up for a modeling career. We have to grab the chances and I won’t let it be missed too. You know, as they say, it’s better to regret something that you did, than something you didn’t. In a few days, I was already in Milan. The agency driver picked me up from the airport and drove to the model apartment, where I would be staying during my work in Milan. Such places as model apartments are always a wonderful chance to make new friends in a modeling industry, as well as learn many useful insights from other models from all over the world!

My trip to Milan is now over, and it really became an amazing and unforgettable experience. After two months of working abroad, I’m on my way back home now, to Greece, but I’m already looking forward to the new modeling adventures to come!

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