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I frequently fall down the rabbit hole of updating super old posts, and today I found my way to our previous posts rounding up stylish business card cases for women. Which made me wonder: is anyone still using business cards? (Or business card cases?) If you are, what information do you think is the most helpful to have on your card? (QR code?) Let’s discuss.

(If you are still using business cards, do tell! If you’re buying/designing your own, what companies are your favorites? What is your favorite business card case, or spot to display business cards in your office?)

(I still do have my business cards on a shelf in my workspace — I use an acrylic business card holder like this one.)

My Thoughts on Business Cards

I will be honest: I feel like business cards have been out for a really long time — so long, in fact, that I never even bothered to get new business cards when I changed the Corporette logo back in 2018. I wince every time I look at them, which is… maybe once or twice a year?

For years (and years) now, though, when someone offers me a business card, I’m more likely to take a snapshot of it, unless it feels like doing so is somehow disrespectful. With iPhone, at least, your photos are searchable by text — and I’m more likely to find the business card by that route.

How to Use Old Business Cards

Take Business Cards to Conferences

This is pretty much the only time I use business cards right now — if I’m going to a large group event where a lot of people might be gathering and exchanging hellos in a fast-paced environment. But even then I notice that less and less people have cards with them (and, honestly, half the time I forget them as well — I have an old business card case tucked into the main carry-on that I use for these types of trips.)

Use Business Cards to Keep Necklaces from Tangling

I wrote a post a loooong time ago about how I use business cards to store necklaces that might tangle. (Just make a few quick snips along the side of the business card, and wrap your necklace around it.) I still do this, and I particularly love using the business cards of friends, colleagues, and family for this — it makes me smile to see them.

Obviously, if you have a bunch of your own business cards, you can use your own cards for this purpose also!

Use Business Cards with Luggage Tags

I’ve always done this — when attaching a new luggage tag, I stick my business card in the case. It identifies me by name, gives contact information, and more. I haven’t had my home address on my cards, so a lot of times I’ll just slap a mailing label on the back of the business card. (Why yes, it is super lazy!)

Readers, what are your thoughts — are business cards out in 2024, or just much less common?

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