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Readers have been having some interesting conversations about nude heels lately — is the “nude-for-you” look out? Is it still a classic that isn’t necessarily trendy but isn’t out, either? If you’re not wearing nude pumps, what shoes should you wear instead of nude heels? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Are Nude Heels “Out”?

While the heyday of Duchess Kate wearing nude heels has passed, I’m not sure they’re necessarily “out.” Instead, I think they remain a versatile look for a lot of women (especially in springtime, and especially if they tend to wear more dresses than pants).

I would argue that nude-for-you heels are a classic, and if you have a pair you love, you should keep on wearing them. I tend to think that if you have a classic, feminine style of dressing then they will always be in, and I honestly will be shocked if they don’t swing back around as a “trend” in the next ten years.

Where to Find Nude Heels in 2024

There are still a ton of places selling nude heels in 2024 — and still companies that focus on a wide range of nudes, from pale pinks to deep browns.

Companies specializing in nude heels for every skin tone include Naturalizer, Rebecca Allen, and Kahmune.

Three specific heels we love that are likely to come in a wide range of neutral colors:

Marc Fisher LTD


Sam Edelman

Would I Buy New Nude-For-Me Heels?

Well….. probably not, to be honest. If I saw an amazing deal on a classic pump like the BB from Manolo or the Romy from Choo, then I probably would snag it, but I don’t think it’s the kind of thing where you need to run to DSW to get a nude-for-you heel.

What to Wear Instead of Nude Heels

I think there are a few other trends to keep in mind when considering what to wear instead of nude heels if that was your go-to in previous years… specifically the trends for the color brown, casual dressing, and maximalist dressing like metallic shoes and animal prints. (All with a nod to the fact that you can wear flats with a LOT more outfits than you used to in the past!)

Wear Brown Heels Instead of Nude-For-You Heels

Brown is having a huge moment, and I feel like tan, caramel, and milk chocolate colors are an easy neutral that are taking the place of beige or nude-for-you heels. (If these colors ARE nude-for-you, you can either choose to go darker or lighter for a bit of contrast, or just wear them.)


Veronica Beard



Calvin Klein



Rebecca Allen

Wear Metallic Shoes Instead of Nude Heels

I’ve noticed a lot of readers saying they’re replacing their nude heels with metallic shoes, and I think that’s a great swap — after all, metallics are great neutrals.

Here are some of our latest favorite metallic shoes for work (both in heels and flats, since flats are so much more omnipresent with work outfits today…)

Tory Burch

Dolce Vita

Sam Edelman

Dolce Vita

Franco Sarto

Veronica Beard



Go Even MORE Casual

As work dressing is getting more and more casual, a number of other things might be appropriate for the spot where previously you’d have grabbed a nude heel or nude flat. (In particular I think these might look great with non-sheath-dress options, whether it’s a midi skirt or a cropped kick flare pant…

The two big things to consider here: sneakers for work outfits and nude-for-you sandals.



Cole Haan


Readers, what are your thoughts? Are nude heels “out”? What are you wearing instead of nude heels?

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