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This original article was first published here: Skincare for Men: Are Men Ready to Pay £220 for Serum?

Ah, the world of skincare—a realm where the fountain of youth seems just a potion away, and where luxury meets necessity at the crossroads of self-care. It’s Gracie Opulanza here, your guide to all things opulent and luxurious, and today, we’re diving into a topic that’s as intriguing as it is glossy: men’s skincare. Specifically, the jaw-dropping, eye-popping, wallet-alerting price of £220 for a serum. Yes, you read that right. But before you spill your morning espresso in disbelief, let me take you on a journey through the looking glass of men’s skincare, a domain where Brad Pitt and a £220 serum await.

Imagine, if you will, the theme from Thelma and Louise setting the scene as I nearly veered off the road upon discovering the price tag of Brad Pitt’s skincare serum, all under the brand Beau Domaine

In my twelve years at the helm of, I’ve seen trends come and go, but the average bloke? Still reaching for the trusty Dove soap for his face. And my husband?

Let’s just say, in his circle of well-heeled gentlemen, skincare enthusiasm ranks alongside knitting—a hobby acknowledged but rarely embraced.

Fight Club For Skincare

Yet here we are, in an era where Brad Pitt, the quintessential heartthrob, decides that the world needs his skincare line, with a serum priced at a princely £220. It’s enough to make you think you’ve stumbled into a Fight Club for skincare, where the first rule is, “You do not talk about the price tag.”

Brad is no stranger to the finer things in life, including a good bottle of red, which, let’s be honest, my followers would likely prefer over a serum. But, darling readers, the eco-friendly spiel accompanying this launch cannot be overlooked.

Brad earnestly explains, “Our goal is to mimic the organic cycles of nature, where waste does not exist.”

The serum comes in refillable bottles, crowned with rustic wooden caps repurposed from old wine casks. One must wonder if this noble approach was inspired by lockdown evenings spent sampling his vineyard’s offerings, reminiscing over a chateau he once shared with Angelina.

In a landscape cluttered with celebrity beauty ventures, Pitt assures us his foray is backed by personal testament.

Having rigorously tested the products himself, he notes, “I wouldn’t have gone forward unless there was something valid here, something original, something that worked.”

His endorsement comes after noting a tangible improvement in his skin texture, a revelation that left him “really surprised.”

Man Versus Wine

This brings us to the crux of our musings: Are men ready to embrace skincare with the fervor of wine connoisseurs at a rare vintage auction? It’s a tantalizing thought. Imagine a world where men discuss the merits of hyaluronic acid over a pint, or where a gentleman’s skincare routine becomes as much a topic of debate as his choice of whisky.

The truth is, while some may balk at the price, the essence of this serum speaks to a broader narrative—a shift towards sustainability, quality, and the acknowledgment that men, too, crave the alchemy of skincare. It’s not just about vanity; it’s about wellness, about treating oneself with the care and respect that comes with a fine vintage or a bespoke suit.

As for whether men are ready to part with £220 for this elixir, the jury may still be out. But one thing is for certain: in the theater of skincare, where the drama of antioxidants meets the intrigue of botanicals, there’s always room for another actor on stage. And if Brad Pitt is leading the charge, who are we to say the curtain shouldn’t rise on this new act?

So, dear readers, as we ponder the landscapes of luxury skincare and its burgeoning appeal to the gentlemen among us, let’s raise our glasses (or serum bottles) to a future where the pursuit of glowing skin is not just a plotline for the ladies. After all, in the grand play of life, who doesn’t deserve a spotlight moment? Cheers to that, and to whatever potions and lotions may grace our vanities—may they bring us joy, radiance, and perhaps a touch of that Brad Pitt allure, minus the Fight Club secrecy about our skincare routines.

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