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This original article was first published here: Enduring Legacy of Ancient Greek Style

Known for having one of the most rich cultural histories, the ancient Greeks continue to be an inspiration to this day. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how ancient Greece has inspired modern style and fashion trends.

Hairstyles and Beards

The ancient Greeks were known for taking pride in their appearance – historical evidence shows that they accessorised their outfits, and even used cologne. It is no surprise, then, that they also had grooming regimes. Older male characters from ancient Greek mythology are often depicted with perfectly styled hair and a groomed beard – and this wasn’t just mere mortals.

Ancient Greek gods are usually perfectly groomed and stylish in the media, from TV to films, and even online casino games, which helps to provide a believable characterisation and make the game immersive.

Taking a look at something like the Age of the Gods God of Storms slot, Aeolus himself can be found donning a floppy slicked back hair do, which blends into a tapered beard and distinct moustache. By characterising the god in this way, this helps players to become more engaged with the game, and ensures that gameplay provides a well-rounded and authentic experience.

This same style is still in fashion for middle-aged to older gentlemen to this day. Whilst those in their 30s might opt for a skin fade and a quiffed fringe, it is trendy for the older gentleman to keep their hair manageably long and slick it back for a youthful look.

The key is to keep the natural texture of the hair, so steer clear from using heavy-hold products and slicking it too close to the scalp. In addition, defining the moustache from the beard is all the rage right now. Simply trim the beard slightly closer to the face than around the upper lip. For more attitude, experiment with a beard pomade to twirl the handlebars.

Clean and Simple Silhouettes

Potentially the first thing that springs to mind when we think of ancient Greek fashion is the simplicity of their designs. Perhaps the most distinct element of ancient Greek fashion, these simple silhouettes and clean lines have bled into modern fashion trends for centuries.

Most recently, this influence can be seen in the loose-fitting and functional stylings that have been hitting the catwalks – particularly the emergence of men’s skirts.

In 2023, brands like Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Egon Lab presented men’s skirts during their Fashion Week collections, something that Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Marc Jacobs have been doing for years.

This trend has even made it to the red carpet, being worn by celebs during film premieres and award ceremonies. And, if it worked for the ancient Greeks, why shouldn’t it work for the modern man?

Patterns and Motifs

When it comes to Grecian prints and embroidery, they strike the right balance between opulence and simplicity. The patterns themselves are simple, with straight lines and squares – yet, the colours and effects pay homage to the bright colours of the natural world, from the turquoise seas to terracotta clays of the earth.

Today, the Versace brand continues to utilise ancient Greek-inspired prints in its clothing, accessories, and even sunglasses collections. The simple geometric design is most commonly printed in greyscale with pops of gold, exuding glamour and luxury. The logo itself is even inspired by ancient Greece, depicting one of the most famous characters of mythology – Medusa.

As you can see, ancient Greece has had a long-standing influence over fashion, inspiring many of the trends we see today. All that’s left to do is experiment and find your ancient Greek-inspired style.

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