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We haven’t had a good talk about workwear trends in a while… so let’s discuss! What do you think are incoming trends for workwear in 2024? What ongoing trends do you think are going strong? What trends do you think are on their way out? And, which are your thoughts on all the trends — love, hate, meh?

In the past, we’ve discussed style vs. trend vs. frumptrends you hate in 2019, trends you won’t wear to work (2016 edition), trends and the conservative office (2015 edition), and trends you’re totally sick of (2013 edition).

Here’s a template to use in your responses:

New trends I like: 
Ongoing trends I like: 
Trends on their way out:
Trendy, but not for work:
“Classic” styles that are out / the pandemic killed:

Workwear Trends in 2024

What ARE the workwear trends in 2024? We’re definitely seeing:

wide leg pants — but all pant widths are around, including cropped kick flares (one of my least favorite styles, tbh)

midi-length skirts and dresses

comfort dressing – sweater blazers, pull-on pants,

denim suits (blazers and trousers)

I feel like color is coming back in a big way, also — all the TikToks about “what season are you” is leading the way away from the all-beige minimal looks

Mary Jane flats and silver flats

Trends that have been around for a few years and continue to go strong:

bodysuits — they’re too perfect for wide-leg looks to go away

sneakers with workwear – everyone loves them, they’re not going away

coordinated sets, like a matching top and pants

layered necklace looks

I feel like some of the trends that are on their way out include these… they’re not out yet, but I’m not sure I’d spend too much money replacing or buying into the trend.

ruffles and smocking

lug sole boots – maybe I’m wrong and they’re going to be a longer trend, but I just feel like they haven’t caught on as much as retailers hoped. I think they can be awkward to style with a lot of the other current trends out there.

boyfriend blazers? Here’s my thought: they’re still around and sold, but I think as people’s pants styles move away from skinny pants towards wider, drapey legs, the boyfriend blazers are going to go away unless they’re part of a suiting set. But that’s my guess…

(jumpsuits? I’m curious what you guys think…)

(crop tops? I feel like the ones that are staying are more tasteful and less “I’m missing the bottom 2/3rd of my shirt”)

My “trendy, but not for work” list includes all of the sheer styles and “no pants looks” we’re seeing on runways and at award shows… I might also include high top sneakers.

In terms of classic styles the pandemic killed (or, at least, classic styles that are on their way out)… I might include underwires, heels, and bodycon/sheath dresses, at least as the default choice for most working women. I’m sure they’ll be back at some point — they were all such easy ways to look polished!! — but right now they’re much (much) (MUCH) less popular than they once were.

Readers, what are your thoughts? What trends are you feeling right now? Which trends do you hate?

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