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Oh, RIMOWA, how do I adore thee? Let me count the ways. These suitcases aren’t just luggage; they’re a traveler’s best companion. Glide through the airport with the grace of a gazelle, thanks to its feather-light design and oh-so-smooth wheels. And the interior? A marvel of organization – think height-adjustable dividers that cuddle your clothes into crease-free coziness. It’s not just a suitcase; it’s a statement. Replace and upgrade that suitcase to avoid extra handling charges on Easy Jet!

Bradley Cooper – RIMOWA suitcase

Ryan Gosling- RIMOWA suitcase luggage


Let’s tread into the world of shoes. Boat shoes, darlings, are your best friends for those seaside escapades, pairing beautifully with both trousers and shorts. As for flip-flops, please, for the love of all that is stylish, upgrade them annually. And sandals… if I see another pair worn with socks, I’ll need a moment. Evening calls for loafers – sockless, sleek, and utterly sophisticated.

In the grand tapestry of travel, your fashion choices are the vibrant threads that weave together your journey’s story. As I sit here in Koh Samui, amidst the buzz of The White Lotus filming, I’m reminded of the joy that comes from expressing oneself through style, even in the transient spaces of airports. So, as you pack for your summer holiday, remember: every piece you choose is a verse in the poem of your adventure. Make it opulent, make it unique, but above all, make it undeniably you.



Now, onto jackets – the pièce de résistance of any travel ensemble. Whether it’s a blazer that whispers “boardroom-ready” or a denim jacket that screams “sun-kissed adventurer,” the choices this season are endless. Brands like G-star RAW and Diesel are serving up denim delights, while TOPMAN and ZARA are the go-tos for that perfect blazer. But a word to the wise: if you’re the type to leave a trail of clothes in your wake, maybe keep the tags on. Pair these vibrant trousers with a classic denim jacket, a piece that effortlessly marries casual with cool. This combination not only ensures you’re prepared for the varied climates from departure to arrival but also exudes an air of laid-back luxury. The denim jacket acts as a versatile layer, perfect for those overly air-conditioned flights or the cool breeze of your destination.

Traveling by plane offers a unique opportunity to make a statement with your wardrobe, and there’s no better way to do so than by donning a pair of colorful chinos. Not only do they add a pop of personality to your travel ensemble, but they also strike the perfect balance between comfort and style—essential for any journey.

So, as you prepare for your next voyage, remember that your choice of attire is more than mere clothing. It’s your ticket to a realm of travel where style and comfort coalesce, potentially opening doors to upgraded experiences. Whether it’s the fast track through security or a nod towards the front of the plane, your travel fashion is the silent ambassador of your journey.


Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance of your airport fashion: a stylish, expensive watch. More than just a timepiece, it’s a statement of sophistication and a nod to the finer things in life. This isn’t just about checking the time; it’s about signaling to those you meet, including the airline staff, that you appreciate luxury and style. It’s been whispered among frequent flyers that such details can sometimes sway the odds in your favor for an unexpected upgrade. After all, first impressions at the check-in desk can be as crucial as the boarding pass in your hand.


Jeans, my beloved travel staple. Why settle for one when you can pack three? A dark pair for those impromptu fine dining adventures, a light pair for casual strolls through cobblestone streets, and an old favorite – because let’s face it, vacation shopping sprees are the perfect excuse to refresh your denim repertoire. And when the spirit of summer beckons, roll those cuffs for an effortlessly cool vibe.


Imagine striding up to the check-in counter, your colorful chinos catching the eye, your denim jacket casually thrown over your shoulder, and your watch gleaming under the airport lights. You’re not just a passenger; you’re a traveler with a keen eye for style and an appreciation for the luxury of travel. It’s a subtle play, but in the theater of air travel, where the mundane meets the glamorous, every detail counts.

Shirts and T-shirts

A quintet of shirts and another of t-shirts is my mantra. Because who knows? You might just find that irresistible piece that makes your old favorites pale in comparison. T-shirts for the day’s adventures, and shirts to dance the night away, paired with everything from chinos to jeans to those fabulous shorts. And always, always have a versatile plain shirt at the ready, a true chameleon of your travel wardrobe.


Ah, shorts – the heralds of summer. ZARA is currently a treasure trove of choices. From linen to denim to cotton, there’s a pair for every day of your getaway. And don’t shy away from florals; embrace the freedom, the fun, and the flirtatious energy of summer. Remember, it’s all about celebrating the sunshine in style.



Mans Bag

Let’s talk about the “man’s bag,” shall we? An absolute game-changer for the modern traveler. Picture this: you’re dashing through the terminal, latte in one hand, and in the other, a sleek bag that houses all your worldly possessions – passport, phone, wallet, you name it. Gone are the days of men frantically patting down their pockets for a lost boarding pass. This little lifesaver stays snugly by your side until it’s time to tuck it into your overhead sanctuary. Keep it compact, gentlemen, for ease and elegance. LV for a stylish passport security always strapped to your body.

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