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The Cut looked into the safety of benzene in acne products.

Fashionista previewed the Target x Diane von Furstenberg collab that drops March 23.

The Washington Post [gift link] shared how some brands are making jeans more sustainable.

The Washington Post [gift link] also explored the quest to be tan, whether through products or the risky options of the sun and tanning beds.

Harvard Business Review explained the value of intergenerational friendships at work.

WIRED reported that a Black, Deaf employee at Google (the company’s first) who was pictured on Instagram to promote its inclusivity, is now suing for discrimination.

Meanwhile, The 19th highlighted how Black women whistleblowers in tech often face more intense backlash.

The New York Times [gift link] detailed how some women are using weight-loss medications with the goal of reducing their weight before pregnancy.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from Points in Case, with “What I Think I’ll Find in My Inbox When I Compulsively Check My Email 50 Times a Day.” (Fifty? Amateur!)

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We rounded up the best diaper bags for working moms.

We looked back at past CorporetteMoms posts, including a Week in the Life from an in-house counsel in Texas and taking family vacations with your kids’ grandparents (or not).

We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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