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Gap sweater xsp (similar & similar in petite), Ann Taylor pants 0P (love these; sized up), Nordstrom flats (similar with a great shape), Chanel mini flap bag (similar preowned)

I recently checked this little red bag off a longtime wishlist, and it reminded me to re-share some easy ways to adjust a bag strap! I typically find most crossbody bags to hit a little too long on me, but don’t usually give it a second thought since there’s several quick and effective fixes.

1. Tie inside with a ribbon

Use a slim ribbon or string to tie the strap on the inside. I love this since it keeps the straps securely shortened, but not permanent in case your tastes change. I usually like to wear my crossbody bags high up, but lately am kinda liking the longer hanging look of this original strap length!

I’m using a colored ribbon for demonstrations purposes, but would usually use something that matches the interior color of the bag for it to be less conspicuous. 

2. Use a chain strap clip (with other uses, too)

They sell chain clips in various metal finishes if you want a really clean look. I actually don’t love the design of the strap clip that I have pictured below, and think this strap clip would be easier to use! Reading through the product reviews, I’m liking the other use ideas as well (i.e. to secure a zipper as anti-theft protection, to attach a keychain somewhere).

3. Criss-cross inside the bag flap

The easiest method that I use often for my wallet on chain bags is to simply criss-cross the straps on the interior, and then close the flap. You can tie it on the interior to make it more secure, but I usually just do this for a quick fix since I frequently switch up whether I wear these bags as a clutch or crossbody. 

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