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Vogue highlighted the five biggest beauty trends at New York Fashion Week.

Harvard Business Review gave tips on dealing with a condescending colleague.

The Wall Street Journal [gift link] noted that some busy professional women are microdosing magic mushrooms to get through the day.

The Atlantic‘s writers shared their tips and thoughts on productivity without too much anxiety.

The Cut shared two essays this week with trainwreck-ish vibes that are attracting a lot of interest and snark: “How I Got Scammed Out of $50,000” by Charlotte Cowles, and “The Lure of Divorce” by Emily Gould.

OK, just one more from The Cut: Online retailers are cracking down on customers who make lots of returns.

Fashionista explored how social media is hyping at-home wellness practice such as cold plunge tanks, infrared sauna blankets, and more.

The Washington Post [gift link] looked at how long Covid takes a toll on relationships and intimacy.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Belladonna, with “A Manly Man’s Guide to Figuring Out if this Fandom is for You.”

On CorporetteMoms Recently…

We shared tips on organizing family photos and videos.

We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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