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This original article was first published here: History of the Male Handbag – 7 Past and Present Versions of the Man-Bag

In the contemporary landscape of men’s fashion, a remarkable transformation has unfolded, one that Men Style Fashion has keenly observed and celebrated. The emergence and widespread acceptance of the “man-bag” have not only challenged traditional norms but have also offered a canvas for personal expression and sartorial innovation.

This evolution is not merely a trend but a testament to the fluidity of style and the breaking down of gendered barriers in fashion.

1. The Modern-Day Male Handbag

At the heart of this revolution lies the modern-day male handbag, a symbol of both utility and style. Men Style Fashion reports a staggering 700% surge in the sales of men’s purses in the USA between 2018 and 2021, a clear indicator of the shifting tides. This niche’s explosion is largely attributed to a broader societal embrace of freedom of expression and gender fluidity, with men’s fashion increasingly adopting elements traditionally seen in women’s wardrobes. From heels and skirts to makeup and, significantly, handbags, the boundaries are blurring.

Carl Friedrik tote bag

Bags and purses have also defined fashion houses for ages. They make up a significant amount of these establishments’ annual income. So why wouldn’t fashion brands want to be able to expand into the men’s market in fresh ways? Quality handbags last a long time as well. This makes them an excellent fashion investment. If you know how to repair a purse like a pro, you can up-cycle your purses for years and years.

2. Girdle Pouches

Delving into history, the medieval era introduced us to the girdle pouch, a precursor to the modern handbag. Both men and women adorned these pouches, which served as a means to carry valuables and coins. The decline of the girdle pouch coincided with the invention of pockets, marking a significant shift in how personal items were carried.

3. Sweet Bags and Satchels

The Renaissance era witnessed the resurgence of bags as fashion statements. Sweet bags , ornate and filled with fragrant herbs, emerged as symbols of wealth and status. Meanwhile, the practical satchel found its place primarily among schoolchildren.

Men Style Fashion notes that these historical examples highlight the cyclical nature of fashion, where functionality and symbolism often intertwine.

4. The Industrial Revolution and Rail Travel

The demands of the Industrial Revolution and the advent of rail travel necessitated the development of more durable bags, giving rise to the briefcase and the carpet bag. These innovations underscored the evolving needs of men, from daily work to travel, reflecting broader societal changes.

5. Military Bags

Warfare, too, has influenced men’s fashion, with both World Wars introducing the knapsack and bread bag. These military innovations have left a lasting impact, inspiring modern backpacks and belt bags that combine functionality with a nod to their historical origins.

6. 20th Century Bags

As we ventured into the 20th century, the foundation for today’s diverse range of men’s bags was laid. The era saw the birth of the moon bag and the popularization of duffel bags, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of men’s accessories. Despite a brief period where carrying smaller bags was deemed “unmanly,” these decades set the stage for the resurgence of men’s interest in bags as both practical and fashionable items.

7. Turn of the Millennium and the “Metrosexual” Man

The early 21st century marked a significant shift with the advent of the cross-body bag and the stylish tote, championed by the “metrosexual” man. This period also saw streetwear ‘s influence permeate luxury fashion, reversing the traditional flow from runway to street. Men Style Fashion highlights the critical role of collaborations, such as Louis Vuitton’s with Supreme in 2017, in cementing the man-bag’s status within men’s fashion.

Moon bags reappeared on the scene as belt bags, and the “man-bag” was created and accepted. Louis Vuitton’s 2017 partnership with Supreme saw massive shifts in men’s fashion. This set the scene for what we have going on today.

Final Thoughts

The enduring popularity of the man-bag, driven by celebrity endorsements and its economic viability, suggests that this trend is here to stay. As men continue to challenge traditional norms through their fashion choices, the man-bag stands as a testament to the evolving definitions of masculinity and style. Men Style Fashion celebrates this journey, recognizing the man-bag as not just a functional item but a statement piece that reflects the modern man’s embrace of diversity and self-expression.

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