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This original article was first published here: Which Men’s Face Shapes do Women Find the Most Attractive?

What do women want? Well, it’s fair to say this is a universal question that remains unanswered. You can do your best to appear attractive to the opposite sex – we’re thinking dressing well, showcasing your personality – but for some women, how attracted they are to you could simply be down to your genetic makeup.

Many studies out there have focused on men’s face shapes, how we read them, and specifically how attractive we find them based on a number of factors. Like the body shape, there is actually a lot to be seen in a men’s face shape, and we often read this instinctively. Nevertheless, there are specific aspects of face shapes that we like more than others.

Here are the most appealing facial features that women like all over the world.

Wider faces assert dominance

In the realm of human attraction and social perception, facial characteristics play a significant role in initial impressions and potential relationship dynamics. A compelling study by the Association for Psychological Science delves into how specific facial dimensions, particularly the width-to-height ratio of men’s faces, influence women’s perceptions and their interest in short-term relationships. Men with faces that are wider relative to their height are more often associated with attributes of dominance and power. This association is not merely superficial; it taps into deep-seated evolutionary cues where physical traits are indicators of genetic fitness and social standing.

The study’s findings suggest that these wide-faced men are not only perceived as more dominant but also potentially more assertive and confident, traits that could be appealing in the context of short-term dating scenarios. Women, perhaps subconsciously, might view these men as good candidates for short-term relationships due to these perceived qualities. The wider face, therefore, acts as a non-verbal cue that signals a man’s social dominance, which in certain contexts, enhances his attractiveness and increases the likelihood of securing a second date. This dynamic underscores the complex interplay between physical appearance, perceived personality traits, and mating strategies in human social and romantic interactions.

Leonardo Di Caprio has a wide dominant face

Got a strong jawline and facial symmetry? You’re in luck!

n the complex dance of attraction, certain facial features act as markers of health, genetic fitness, and potential as a mate, with a strong jawline and facial symmetry being among the most coveted traits. Research has illuminated that men possessing a pronounced jawline are often perceived as more dominant and attractive, qualities that are subconsciously associated with good genes and reproductive viability. This perception is not just a cultural construct but taps into deep evolutionary preferences for indicators of health and the ability to provide and protect.

Facial symmetry plays a similarly pivotal role in attractiveness, supported by findings from the Journal of Comparative Psychology. Symmetry is universally recognized as a sign of genetic health and stability, making it a significant factor in mate selection not only among humans but across the animal kingdom. Studies have shown that even minor improvements in making facial features appear more symmetrical, something as simple as keeping your eyebrows trimmed and groomed (so that they look identical) can help you appear much more attractive to women.

This preference for symmetry, combined with the allure of a strong jawline, underscores the intricate ways in which physical attributes influence attraction and social interaction. These findings suggest that subtle enhancements to one’s appearance, aimed at highlighting these traits, can make a marked difference in perceived attractiveness.

Brad Pitt has a strong jaw structure

Don’t worry about your ‘average’ face shape

The concept of attractiveness and what constitutes an appealing face has long been a subject of interest and study. Surprisingly, an enduring piece of research from as far back as 1878 shed light on a fascinating aspect of human attraction: the allure of the ‘average’ face. This study proposed that faces which appear more average, or those that represent a composite blend of multiple faces, are deemed more attractive than those of any individual face in isolation. The underlying rationale for this preference could be deeply rooted in evolutionary psychology.

An average face, by incorporating features common to a larger group, might signal a broader genetic diversity, which is a desirable trait for reproduction from a biological standpoint. Additionally, average faces tend to be more symmetrical, further enhancing their appeal, as symmetry is often equated with health and genetic fitness. The familiarity of these average features could also play a significant role; humans are naturally drawn to what feels familiar, as it evokes a sense of safety and trustworthiness. This inclination towards the average, therefore, might not be about mediocrity but rather about an innate preference for traits that signal health, genetic robustness, and the comfort of familiarity.

What’s your face shape?

After reading about facial features women find attractive, you might be asking yourself what face shape you actually have. Many of us have no idea how to categorise the shape of our face. Typically, the main categories are round, square, heart-shaped, oval, and rectangular.

Did you know? The most common face shape is an oval face shape, but it is common for some people to fall between categories and have combined face shapes.

There are a number of factors that can influence your face shape, such as your diet, weight gain, and how much water you drink. It’s true – certain foods can cause you to retain water weight around your face and body. However, the base of your face shape is solely down to genetics.

Eyewear Enhances Your Face

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Robert Downey jr wears Kirk and Kirk eyewear

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