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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The first of two of 2024’s Fashion Month’s is but days away and while it might not be part of the “official” city line-up, Copenhagen Fashion Week has set the bar for the rest of February (and some of March) very high indeed. In fact, Copenhagen is always my favourite fashion week to analyse—the designers are fun with the shows focusing less on the grandeur of the space they’re held in and more on the clothes that are presented. Our editors have already poured over the runway looks we saw last week but now, I’m here to bring you up to speed on all the street-style happenings.

There’s just something about the street style we see during Copenhagen that sets itself apart from that of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Attendees seem to be more relaxed with their ensembles, though that’s not to say that effort doesn’t go in to assembling them. I don’t know these people, but there’s something about how they embrace colour, how they pair things together, how they move in their clothing that seems so authentic and freeing. This, I think, is the mark great street style—seeing outfits that are truly reflective of the wearer and not just worn in the hope of getting papped. 

The street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week is always a great marker of the current trends, too. There’s a timely element to every look and, if you pay close attention, patterns can begin to emerge. I spent hours looking at photographs of street style looks from the five-day extravaganza and found that nine key outfit trends kept reoccurring. From the colour of note to the fresh shoe trend that will put a spring on your step this season, scroll on to see the street style trends to come out of Copenhagen Fashion Week this season. 

Already shaping up to be one of the biggest colour trends of the season, Scandi women confirmed it—soft yellow is key for 2024. 

Use it as you would a beige- or camel-coloured piece; I swear it looks just as elegant. 

Wide-leg trousers were a common thread for Copenhagen but the trouser trend I kept seeing over and over? Puddle jeans. 

With hemlines that deliberately hit the floor, this is a trend you’ll likely want to check the forecast before committing to. However, if it’s dry, there’s no denying puddle jeans look the cool-outfit part. 

Much of the Copenhagen fashion crowd seemed to be over wearing boots (a sentiment I also share now that spring is on the horizon). Too cold, however, to embrace bare feet, they found a compromise. 

The amount of slingback shoe-and-socks looks I saw was staggering. A simple styling hack that can make your outfits feel more unique but also keep you safe from frostbite. I see no downside. 

If there was one print that could sum up the Copenhagen street style scene this season, it would have to be pinstripes. 

Seen predominantly on tailoring, this trend taps into the wider ’90s, office-corporate trend we saw on the runways last September. 

If you’re looking for a surefire way to make your outfits look more elevated and, at the same time, current, a burgundy bag hits the spot.

So many designers have burgundy-bag offerings this season, but it’s Loewe’s Pebble bucket that I think will lead the charge. 

Sharing the spotlight with pinstripes, leopard print also made its mark on the Scandi style set last week, with the motif cropping up on everything, from coats and trousers to shoes and bags. 

An animal print that never really goes out of style. It is, however, enjoying a peak in popularity right now due in part to the mob wife aesthetic, but also the sheer number of leopard-print looks we saw in the spring/summer 2024 collections. 

This is a street-style trend we see every season, in every Fashion Month city. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be given the appreciation it deserves here. Wearing one colour top-to-toe is one of the easiest ways to make your outfit look pulled together and chic. Fashion people know this and, boy, do they love to show it. 

Brown and grey were the most popular colours to try monochroming with. Handy if you want to try this look for yourself, too, as I imagine these are tones you already have waiting in your wardrobe to wear together. 

Sometimes, it’s the smallest items that can make the biggest difference to your outfit, and that can certainly be said of this accessory. 

The sheer volume of stretchy headbands at Copenhagen Fashion Week—the sort usually reserved for ballerinas and ’80s fashion enthusiasts—was unexpected but impossible to ignore.

Shoes have the power to completely change the tone of an outfit. Fashion people know this and, right now, they’re relying on silver shoes to do the heavy lifting in terms of migrating their clothes from winter to spring. 

Whether worn by way of boots, flats or heels, silver shoes were seen pounding the streets of Copenhagen across the five days, cementing them as the biggest shoe trend to come out of CPHFW. 

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