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When you love fashion, you tend to fall into one of two categories: you’re either a shoe person or a bag person (with a few outliers who take on both as their specialist subject). For me, it’s handbags. Big, small, top handle, clutch—I’m infatuated by this particular accessory. With every outfit I see someone wear, my eyes immediately go to the bag. On a recent scroll through some celebrity outfits I’d saved down, I noticed something quite unique: so many of them were choosing handbags from one brand to act as their outfit companion. 

Most brands will dream of creating a cult piece that becomes so iconic it is reissued time and time again. Think of Gucci’s Jackie, Dior’s Lady Dior, or Chanel’s elegant flap bag as easy examples. Few brands will make more than one handbag that truly makes a mark on fashion history, fewer still have the repertoire or celebrity loyalty of Bottega Veneta

So what does it take to create an It bag? It’s a rare harmony of design, quality and most importantly, recognition. That’s not to say that I don’t have a list of classic tote bags that sit on my dream wish list and would most definitely be a smart investment. But a real standout piece needs distinction. To reach cult status, you should be able to know what said bag is from a mile off. Some rely on shape—think Loewe’s origami-inspired Puzzle bag—others depend on their namesake—everyone knows Chanel’s double C emblem when they see it. But for Bottega Veneta, it’s different. The brand’s bags are recognisable without logos or branding emblazoned on them. Instead, their recognition largely comes from the intricately woven intrecciato leather that has become embedded in the Bottega name since its inception in the 1960s, putting the exquisite craftspersonship of each creation at the centre of each of its It bags. Yes, that’s It bags plural. 

To create a legacy of handbags, the brand focuses on key elements of their recognisable fabrication, distinct silhouettes and the timeless appeal of each creation. New styles aren’t simply made for novelty, but to cover the practicalities of a handbag collection. There’s the Arco tote for those who like to carry a little more with them, while the Jodie acts as an easy everyday piece in a flurry of different shades, and the recently-added Andiamo, which can transform from handheld to shoulder with the adjusting strap. Bottega Veneta’s pouch is a day-to-night piece that practically revitalised clutch bags for the modern day, whilst the Sardine has a more playful edge with its sleek metal handle, whilst still encapsulating the hushed-luxury feel of the rest of the line-up. Plus there’s a range of sizes and colours of each to ensure this treasured bag stays true to the wearers personal preferences. For anyone looking to invest in a forever handbag, you truly can’t go wrong with Bottega Veneta. 

Keep scrolling to explore the Bottega Veneta bags that come celebrity-approved. 

Elsa Hosk carries the Jodie.  Style Notes: One of the most frequently-spotted bags is the Jodie. Identifiable by the half moon shape and knot handle detail, the Jodie serves as the ideal everyday companion thanks to its relaxed shape and easy to carry on the shoulder, in hand or as a clutch. 

Elsa makes a case for a cream bag feeling so luxurious. 

This style comes in five size variations. 

Black is always a classic. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carriers the Arco.  Style Notes: The Arco offers a more structured tote style that is endlessly chic and eternally in style. The woven leather has been enlarged for a more defined shape than the more languid bags. 

From the tie-closure to the insert pockets, this bag has so many clever details. 

Take note of the sleek suede interior. 

The hard part is choosing which colour to go for. 

Jasmine Tookes carries the Pouch.  Style Notes: Inspired by a previous style of the brand’s, the Pouch hit stores in 2018 and brought clutch bags back to the fashion fore. Even the styles that don’t feature woven leather are instantly recognisable by their dumpling shape. 

The magnetic closure keeps the iconic shape of the Pouch. 

The leather is buttery soft to create the draped shape. 

This shade is a personal favourite of mine. 

Sofia Richie Grainge carries the Andiamo.  Style Notes: A recent addition by the brands latest creative director, Matthieu Blazy, the Andiamo has already made an impact. This versatile style features braided straps that can be adjusted to be worn on the shoulder, held by the top handle, or crossbody. 

You’ll find this becomes your go-to bag for everyday. 

From the suede finish to the caramel colour, this is a work of art. 

Nothing says spring like a buttery yellow bag. 

Jacob Elordi wears the Cassette. Style Notes: A style spotted on so many celebrities, the Cassette bag ticks all the It bag boxes. Defined by the boxy shape, thick weave and easy crossbody style, the Cassette bag has often been imitated, but never equalled. 

The ultimate crossbody bag really does exist. 

A style that will seamlessly blend with all your favourite neutrals. 

The draped weave shows how high quality Bottega’s craftpersonship really is. 

Kendall Jenner carries the Sardine.  Style Notes: A more playful addition to Bottega’s handbag line-up is the Sardine bag. Named for the sardine shaped handle, this style harmoniously blends design and function, and is a statement piece on any wearer. 

Carry by the handle, or wear crossbody with the chain leather strap. 

There’s something about burgundy that adds instant polish to any look. 

Just one of the nine colourways this bag comes in. 

The compact shape will keep all your essentials to hand. 

The slouchy shape makes this mega tote even more appealing. 

Smart, refined, and seriously chic. 

The design is ideal to fit snugly under the arm. 

Bottega’s best bags are available in so many brilliant shades, including this bold red. 

The gold pendant closure is the cherry on top of a brilliant bag. 

A classic bucket style with an infusion of Bottega intrecciato weave. 

The knot emblem is becoming another icon of the brand. 

I love the bowling bag influence that’s clear in this design. 

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