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I have a thing for multitasking products. Maybe it’s the freelancer in me. I mean, why do one thing when you can do two to three at the same time? It’s probably why I love tinted moisturisers so much. They help you on your way to even tone but also keep skin moisturised and glowy all day.

They also lean towards the more natural side of the makeup spectrum, which is what I prefer on a day-to-day basis—like an ever-so-slightly elevated version of myself. There are a lot of tinted SPFs available now, but if you’re specifically looking for a hint of coverage but a lot of hydration, a tinted moisturiser is your best option. BB creams, while very similar, are a little heavier in coverage, more like a foundation with a bit of hydration. And CC creams are even close to foundations on the coverage spectrum and mainly offer colour-correction benefits.

In the summer, when you want to apply fewer products, a really hydrating tinted moisturiser can replace your traditional moisturiser so you’re not layering too many steps. So your routine would look like this: cleanser, serum, SPF and then tinted moisturiser. Because despite having skincare benefits, this still sits firmly in your makeup bag and therefore should always be applied over your SPF.

If you’re on the hunt for the best tinted moisturiser, I’ve tried a lot, and these without doubt at the ones I recommend time after time.

This has gone TikTok-viral for good reason. It gives an amazing glow and comes in eight stretchable shades. You can use it alone, as it gives a soft-focus blurred effect, or you can actually mix with your normal moisturiser to craft your own tint.

When they say Glow Hydrator, they mean it. This tint, which comes in 12 shades, is perfect for dry to balanced skin types, as it is a really dewy-looking finish.

I went through a phase where I only wore this as my base both day and night, summer or winter. It gives such a softly filtered effect that you really don’t look like you’re wearing any base at all.  

If you want something super lightweight, this tint has more of a serum texture but still gives a good glow and some coverage thanks to the encapsulated micro-pigments. You just need to mix the formula on the back of your hand with a foundation brush before applying.

This is a firm favourite amongst my industry peers because it has such a please-all formula. Lightweight, but hydrating and glowy—but not overly dewy. Plus, it’s available in 24 flexible shades.

If you have oily skin, tinted moisturisers can be difficult to pick from, as they tend to have a dewy finish that quickly looks shiny on oily skin. This formula is oil-free, so it gives a semi-matte finish but without looking cakey or heavy.

So many beauty editors adore this tinted serum, which imparts a glowing radiance and is packed with skin-nourishing ingredients including hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening niacinamide and plumping squalene.

This is an instant skin brightener, hydrator and glow giver. It does have a very dewy finish, so I would avoid it if you have super-oily skin, but if you are on the dry side, then your skin will look and feel nicely hydrated after application.

One of the more affordable tinted moisturisers out there, this L’Oréal buy gives high coverage—almost foundation level—but feels like a light moisturiser/serum. Plus, it includes 1% hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

With this, you benefit from the care that Clinique put into its skincare but within a tint. It’s humidity- and sweat-resistant as well as oil-free so it can last all day.

This tint is great for balanced skin. It has a lot of pigment for a tint, so if you’re looking for something closer to a light foundation, this is ideal. Plus, it contains aloe vera, ginger and witch hazel for skin-soothing benefits.

The best bit about this tint is how well it can be built up. You can opt for a light, sheer layer or do two for a bit more coverage without it looking cakey. It’s available in 15 shades.

This isn’t technically marketed as a tinted moisturiser but the lightness of the coverage and the added benefit of pre- and probiotics puts it firmly in the tinted-moisturiser category in my eyes.

(Members price £9, non-members £35). As a member of the Beauty Pie community, I can buy this tint for just £9, and the quality is that of a high-end brand. It has a luminising, glowy finish and includes squalane in the formula for hydration retention.

Super-dehydrated and dry skin? This is for you. Its name is the perfect description. The glow it gives is intense, like pure sunshine.

This serum is sans silicones and formulated with 99% naturally derived ingredients. The pigments boost radiance and create a more even skin tone, while the serum includes glow-giving vitamin C, squalane and aloe vera.

The word I would use to describe this tint is fresh. The finish, the texture and the skincare elements in the formula all feel very fresh. It gives a healthy look that isn’t greasy and lasts all day.

If it’s a sheer wash off colour that your require that lends a healthy-looking gleam to the skin, then YSL Beauty’s NU Bare Look Tint is one to try next. It’s also very hydrating, without being greasy.

Over the past few years, Hourglass has fast become a go-to for dewy skin but this tint from their veil range is truly diamond in it’s crown. You can wear it in sheer layers come summer but it’s an easy product to build with in the cooler months. 

Cool girl beauty brand Saie’s tinted moisturiser is a perfect balance between skincare and natural coverage. Infused with vitamins A and C along with hyaluronic acid finished of with sprinkling of SPF 35 – a summer dream. 

Chanel’s alternative to thick, full coverage foundations is a weightless serum-like base product which provides a subtle tint of colour and plenty of fresh-faced radiance.

Those who lean into a dewy finish and ‘no makeup-makeup’ looks will love MAC’s latest base product. The silky gel texture melts onto skin delivering hydration and light (but buildable) coverage.

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