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Whether it’s a treasured sentimental piece, or a jacket that I can rely on year after year, or a statement piece that is as effortless as it is exciting, favorites in my closet tend to have one thing in common: I can put them on and definitively say “this feels like me.”

Over the years, I have honed in on my personal style, one piece at a time. A collected closet filled with items I love, with items that feel like me.

What if I invited you into my actual wardrobe? Would you take a peek?

Now you can, with the Indyx app. A wardrobe is more than the sum of its parts and I am so happy to share how I’ve curated mine with you.

Click here to browse my full Open Closet. I’d also love for you to join me on the Indyx app where you can create your own digital wardrobe, browse more featured Open Closets and so much more. Use code ANH when signing up to get $10 in Indyx credit.


In case you missed it:
I first shared my news with Indyx here.
I shared my experience jump-starting my digital closet with The Catalog service here.

There is so much more to come – I can’t wait for you to see! Join here.

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