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I have a lot of questions for Victoria Beckham. One being, What’s your favourite of the 15 engagement rings David gifted you? When will we get a follow-up reality show to Victoria Beckham: Coming to America? I could go on. But no question is more pressing in my mind right now than this one: How on Earth did you get through airport security wearing Balenciaga’s controversial Pantaleggings? 

The trousers in question were worn by Beckham on a flight into New York City’s JFK Airport alongside a cinched cargo-style jacket, a black clutch bag, and oversize sunglasses of her own design. Essentially, they’re leggings, but instead of cutting off at the ankle, they keep going all the way around a pair of attached stiletto heels. Named the Anatomic Pantaleggings, her exact style first debuted in Balenciaga’s winter 2023 collection and features an even sharper heel than past versions. Basically, they’re an airport security manager’s worst nightmare, which is why I’m still left wondering how the former Spice Girls member made it past the scanners with her outfit intact. 

On Victoria Beckham: Balenciaga Anatomic Pantaleggings (£2690); Victoria Beckham sunglasses

It’s important to remember that we’re talking about *the* Posh Spice, though. We all know that heels and a good outfit are paramount to the Beckham matriarch’s happiness. We’re not meant to question her sometimes daring fashion choices, even at the airport, where practicality almost always wins out over style. Clearly, she made it onto her flight and to NYC just fine. I probably wouldn’t follow her lead in this exact instance, but more power to anyone who wants to try. 

On the off chance that you’re not ready to press copy and paste on her Balenciaga bottoms but still want to mimic the overall airport ensemble, I went ahead and added a few pairs of leggings that don’t have heels attached to them for you to shop ahead of your next trip. 

So many of our editors rave about these leggings.

I can’t argue with the price. 

These Uniqlo HeatTech leggings will keep you extra cosy on the plane. 

These are made from 79% recycled polyester, making them a more considered choice. 

These come in sizes XXS to 4XL. 

I’m into the high waistline on this pair. 

These come with so many 5-star reviews on site—take a look. 

Varley leggings are all over my social media feeds right now. 

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