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As someone who gets to try new beauty products for a living, I count myself very lucky to get to try the very best beauty products that the industry has to offer. With so many beauty launches landing in the Who What Wear UK post room every single day (trust us, there is a lot), we test and review the best products to tell you what is truly deserving of your hard-earned time and money. Because there is not much worse than investing in a investment beauty purchase that turns out to be a dud.

There are a select few products that make their way into our makeup bags, dressing tables or bathroom cupboards—and earn themselves as a permanent mainstay in our beauty routines. They’re the products that are worthy of being the best beauty products of 2023. We’re quite scrupulous with that products that we test and choose to keep, so if it’s made it past judges’ houses, you’ll can bet its a keeper.

Curious to know what the Who What Wear UK team count as their favourite beauty products of the year, I called upon our team of editors to share their picks below. Some are new launches, others are newly discovered beauty products that we can now no longer live without. Scroll ahead for the products that we feel are the best of 2023.

“No word of a lie here but when I read this Bioeffect EGF serum review, I rolled my eyes. How can a serum be highly praised by so many people with very different skin types I wondered. Fast-forward a few months now and I can proudly say I’ve joined the bandwagon,” says social media editor, Joy Ejaria. “Bioeffect’s serum is THE best serum I have ever used. When my skin is in need of some TLC I reach for a drop and this and within 24 hours it’s back to its soft glowy stage.”

Price shown is member price. “I know I’m slightly behind the times only jumping on the Beauty Pie bandwagon this year, but you know what they say—better late than never! And, boy, am I glad I’ve discovered its products now,” says affiliate editor, Emily Dawes. “There’s a few pieces I now buy in bulk, but this…. THIS body cream is the product I could never go back to living without. Considering how many body creams there are on the market, I’ve never managed to find the perfect one before now—one that genuinely hydrates my skin and actually sinks in rather than sitting on top of it; one that makes my incredibly dry legs feel like they belong on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated; one that smells delicious enough to lick (don’t worry, I haven’t actually tried that… yet). Honestly, I need to find the person who came up with this stuff, because I (and my skin) owe them big time.”

“True to it’s name, the Skin Changer has been the one thing in my beauty arsenal that has upgraded the way my skin looks and feels,” says affiliate manager, Jerrylyn Saguiped. “Although it’s an exfoliating essence, it doesn’t feel harsh and I’ve been able to use it my daily routine with no sign of irritation. We’ve all heard the age old question: are toners really necessary and do they even work? It’s a resounding yes from me!”

“2023 was the year that I really focused on my hair health, and I’d heard so much about pre-wash scalp oiling, so I thought I would give it a go,” says junior beauty editor, Grace Lindsay. “I went for this oil from Jonathan Van Ness’ brand, as I’d used some of the other products before and really liked them. I’m not being dramatic when I say that this has literally transformed my hair. What I love about it is that you apply it to the scalp and only have to leave it in for 10-15 minutes before getting in the shower and using your shampoo and conditioner as normal. My hair looks longer, shinier and feels so much stronger thanks to rosemary extract, turmeric extract and JVN’s patented sugarcane-derived hemi-squalane, and I don’t think I could ever wash my hair without this now.”

“I was introduced to Emma Lewisham when testing this product for the Who What Wear Beauty Awards,” says branded content editor, Rebecca Rhy-Evans. “I have dry but acne-prone skin, which means as much as I love a face oil, they can at times leave me in break-outs. Cleansing oils and balms however are perfect for me—they give me the hydration I need, feel so luxurious to use (instead of say, a micellar water for makeup removal) but are washed away so aren’t leaving too much residue oil on my face. Whilst I’ve tried and loved many cleansing oils and balms, none quite compare to that of Emma Lewisham’s. I’m a complete brand convert, now using its Creme Richè as a night cream for extra hydration too.”

“I have never been much of a bath person until this year when I discovered Mirror Water, which has taken the self care sanctuary of bath time up a notch,” says Rhys-Evans. “The scrub is my favourite of their products, it’s so luxurious to use, and perfectly preps the skin for fake tan, which in summer I use in abundance. Also, and I know we shouldn’t judge beauty products on how their packaging, but just look at the Mirror Water collection! I will take being called shallow for being SO obsessed with how pretty it is sat in my bathroom.” 

As a beauty editor, I’m accustomed to sticking to a fine-tuned skincare routine. But the skin on my body? I’m a little lazy when it comes to applying lotions and creams. Applying a cold body lotion on my skin after I step out of a warm shower isn’t my favourite thing. Thankfully, Naturium’s oil-infused body wash has totally transformed my skin—I’m talking unparalleled levels of softness—which for a body wash is pretty impressive. It leaves my skin cleansed while flooding the skin with hydration. While its a little more spenny than a basic body wash, the huge 500ml bottle genuinely lasts for ages. I’m not surprised that this body wash is often sold out. If you see it in stock, I’d highly recommend you try it—you can thank me later.

“This serum is without a doubt my favourite discovery of the year,” says news writer, Natalie Munro. Like a gua sha session in a jar, a quick application has me looking chiselled in seconds. How they do it is beyond me, but I can tell you that after only a few weeks of use I found myself casting all other serums aside, in favour of this sculpting, brightening, and all round outstanding cream.”

As someone with chronically dry and irritated lips, I’ve long been on the search for the perfect lip balm. When Rhode landed in the UK earlier this year, I finally found it via the Peptide Lip Treatment. I’d describe it as a lip balm and lip gloss hybrid, that coats lips in a hydrating and plumping peptide formula, which glides on with a cocooning formula that stays on my lips for hours. I now have a different flavour in my bag, on my desk and by my bedside table as I can’t bear to be without it. They come in a range of delicious flavours (they’re like chic, adult versions of Lip Smackers—IYKYK) but my favourite is probably the Vanilla scent. My sights are now set on collecting the tinted versions.

“My pick would have to be Beauty Pie’s ‘Supercheek Cream Blush’ in the shade Sexy Berry. I’ve been using it non-stop for the past few months,” says video editor, Remi Afolabi. “There’s nothing not to love about this blush! It blends so well into my skin, the colour is super buildable and really complements my skin tone, it gives off the nicest glow and the packaging itself is gorgeous. I’ll definitely be trying it in different colours.”

If I had to single out my favourite fragrance launch of the year, it would have to be Diptyque’s L’Eau Papier. Inspired by the minimalism of paper, this musky, slightly sweet and creamy fragrance has captivated my nose—not to mention those around me asking what perfume I’m wearing. With notes of rice steam, musk, blonde woods and mimosa, it mingles seamlessly into the skin and becomes one with your own scent. 

“It has been an absolute game changer since buying the Nars eyeshadow primer,” says Ecommerce analyst, Sophie Cookson. “I like to wear eyeshadow and eyeliner for a more softer look, but if im out all day then its slips off my face. Now though, my eye makeup lasts all day in the office and for dinner or drinks.”

“After hearing so many great things about the Armani Luminous Silk foundation and took it upon myself to find out if it truly lived up to the hype. Spoiler: it does,” says commerce writer, Florrie Alexander. “For me, foundation should live up to its name as the starting point for a great look. The first day I put it on I got so many compliments about how clear my skin looked, how glowy I was, and as someone who has struggled with acne and redness, I knew that it was worth the price. The formula feels lightweight on the skin, is easy to set for an all day, glowing base, and is easily buildable for the coverage you require.”

Its been a while since I’ve been excited about an eyeshadow, but Merit has reignited my love for it with its Solo Shadows. The creamy, matte formulas are fuss-free, and can be patted on with your fingertips for a wash of colour, which sets into place and lasts well throughout the day. The shade range is curated well, with edit of brown and neutral tones, as well as more dramatic shades such as viper, a deep hunter green. I’m obsessed.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve spend the last 18 years trying to find my perfect makeup base,” says deputy editor, Maxine Eggenberger. “I’ve flitted from full-coverage foundations to lighter CC and BB creams, never quite settling on The One. It wasn’t until I was on holiday in Bordeaux during the summer that I found I’d run out of my facial SPF. I wouldn’t dream of stepping out without sun protection on, so I hotfooted it to Sephora. I half knew what I would buy—our beauty editor Eleanor Vousden and I had recently been discussing her love of the brand Supergoop!; its Glowscreen formula in particular. With a glowy but not-in-the-slightest-bit shiny tint, she told me that, it has almost zero coverage, it would give me skin a lit-from-within radiance. She wasn’t wrong. Since that day, the only products I use on my face are Supergoop! Glowscreen, which I then layer with Laura Mercier’s concealer under my eyes and wherever my skin needs diffusing. I never thought I’d feel confident enough to go bare skin, and I’m grateful for now being able to do so. My skin feels less congested, breathable, and looks so darn glowy, I look forward to putting it on every morning and seeing the transformation. Now, I can’t bear the thought of putting anything else on my skin.”

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