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When a high-street item starts garnering a certain amount of hype, it seriously piques our interest here at Who What Wear. That’s what happened recently, anyway, when word got around about how great H&M’s wide-leg trousers were. Last year, we sold over 1000 pairs through our site, and after delving deeper, we realised that most styles were consistently receiving incredible reviews online. So of course, we had to see how good they were for ourselves. 

I was tasked with trying on as many pairs as I could get my hands on (harder than it sounds when they fly out of stock as quickly as they do) to see whether they lived up to expectations and to figure out which styles, in particular, were worth spending money on. Turns out those reviewers weren’t wrong, and there were quite a few brilliant ones that looked and felt expensive despite their affordable price tags. 

I have to admit I used to think wide-leg trousers were a difficult trend to wear, especially since I’m only 5’2”, but H&M’s styles completely changed my opinion. Although they give that smart, tailored look, they were all surprisingly comfortable. They’ve become my go-to for office days, but I’ve also taken to wearing them while working from home and at weekends so I can still feel a bit polished. Undeniably, wide-legs are a new staple in my wardrobe (sorry, jeans), especially since they’re surprisingly versatile when it comes to shoe pairings too—they work with trainers, ballet flats, boots, loafers and even chunky sandals as we see this summer out.

Below, you’ll find my verdict on the six best new-in pairs I tried recently, as well as links to more of H&M’s cult styles that all work really well for the autumn season ahead. 

Verdict: I love the expensive-looking beige of these trousers—they’ll work perfectly in an autumn capsule wardrobe. I will say, they were quite low-rise, meaning they fit a little on the smaller side (so consider sizing up if you’re in between sizes or prefer a looser look—for reference I’m a size 10 and wearing a 10 here. At 5’2″ I appreciate that I probably wouldn’t even have to take the hems up, but if you’re much taller they could well sit closer to the ankle (take a look at H&M’s model for reference). For under £30, these trousers are hard to argue with—and they have a matching blazer too. 

Verdict: As classic black wide leg trousers go, these are basically all you could ask for. True to size, not too baggy, not too tapered or straight. Yes, they’re a budget-friendly pair, so the fabric doesn’t feel super luxurious or anything, but it will certainly do the trick. A great work trouser if ever I saw one. 

Verdict: Despite still being very affordable, this pair tricked me into thinking they were much more premium. The fabric is a little sturdier than the first couple of pairs I tried, with a lovely woven texture that feels as luxe as it looks—ideal for heading into cooler months. The cut and fit isn’t going to stand up against a The Row pair, let’s be honest, but I found them to be true to size, with a classic high waist and not too long a leg. 

Verdict: Coming from H&M’s premium selection, and with a much higher price tag than the other pairs I ordered, I had big expectations for these trousers. Luckily, I could really notice the difference—the fabric, stitching and cut all felt much more premium—making them worth the extra investment in my opinion. I loved the chic greige colour and the fact that, although long enough for me to have to get taken up, they weren’t overwhelmingly oversized in other areas so as to swamp me—they still cut a straight, wide-leg shape that feels so polished dressed up or down. 

Verdict: I’m cheating a little bit with these trousers as I actually own them in grey from last year. I wore them on repeat, all the way through last autumn/winter and so I thought a black pair would make a great investment. High-waisted they may be, but there’s an elasticated panel under the waistband that keeps them feeling really comfortable, while nipping you in at the same time. It’s a win, win really. 

These are so chic.

Great dressed up for party season.

Such an expensive-looking colour.

Add a blazer and boots for a fail-safe look.

I’m loving this entire look.

A cropped wide leg. 

These come in so many colours. 

If you’ve been looking for a cream pair. 

These feel very French. 

I’m patiently waiting for these to come back in stock. 

A more casual pair. 

Honestly, I can’t get over how expensive this whole suit looks. 

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