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I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a little bit obsessed with Victoria Beckham at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fan of the Spice Girls singer, but ever since watching Netflix’s docuseries Beckham, my love for the star has really grown. From her impeccable fashion taste to her new perfume collection, it seems that there is nothing that she can’t do. After a couple of late nights scrolling through her Instagram page (yes, I really am obsessed) one thing that I’m dying to know is how she does her signature smokey eye. It’s no secret that the fashion designer’s makeup is always flawless, but her eye makeup in particular never fails to amaze me. So, what’s her secret? Well, luckily for you, I stumbled across a video in which the star revealed the exact eyeliner that she likes to use, and it’s from none other than her own makeup line, Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Seriously, how good does her eye makeup look? Since the post went live, searches for “Victoria Beckham eyeliner” have surged on Google by a colossal 200 per cent. Now that I know which eyeliner she uses, I thought it was only right that I did some research into the product, so that I could let you know all about it. Interested? I thought so. Keep on scrolling for all the info you need…

If you’re wondering which eyeliner VB uses in the video. it’s none other than the Satin Kajal Liner from Victoria Beckham Beauty. According to my TikTok feed, this eyeliner is very popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Available in 16 shades and three different finishes (shimmer, matte and jewel), the creamy, smudge-proof formula glides onto the eye and is perfect for creating a range of looks. The clever pencil comes with a small brush on the other end to help smudge out the product, which will help you to create that signature smokey eye that Victoria Beckham is known for. As you can see from the video above, Beckham is currently using the new shade, cinnamon.  As described by VB herself, this shade is softer than using a dark brown or black, and gives a slight wet look to the eye thanks to the shimmery finish. She recommends applying the liner to the inside of the eye, as well as underneath the lower lash line and just above the upper lash line to really open up the eye area.

We know that VB is a fan, but what do other people think of her eyeliner range? If the reviews on site are anything to go by, it’s definitely a big hit. One customer wrote: “So good! I love it! I can smudge it and then it stays in place all day!,” while another added: “I’ve used many eyeliners in my 57 years and this is by far the best!” It seems to be extremely popular on TikTok too, with lots of beauty content creators sharing how creamy the formula is and how easy it is to apply. After watching the videos, I’m definitely convinced. 

VB’s new shade is perfect for the festive season, and I can’t wait to give it a go.

As part of her holiday gift collection, you can currently purchase this chic set of Victoria Beckham’s favourite eye pencils in eight different shades.

This is, hands down, my favourite Victoria Beckham Beauty product ever. The highlighter makes your skin look like glass, and it’s so easy to apply thanks to the stick applicator.

New from the brand is the Contour Stylus. This slim sculpting stick is perfect for that super contoured look.

Who doesn’t love a bit of lip gloss? I’m obsessed with the stylish packaging, not to mention the high shine finish.

If you’re yet to try any of Victoria Beckham’s fragrances, then this discovery set is perfect as it allows you to test them all out before choosing your favourite. 

A great tip for opening up your eyes is applying a lighter eye pencil like this one in the waterline.

You know I love a cream blush, and this one looks so chic.

Yes, that’s right. Victoria Beckham and Augustinus Bader have come together to create the ultimate priming moisturiser. 

How stunning is this eyeshadow? I will be wearing this for the whole of party season. 

Nothing says Christmas like a red lip, and this lip tint adds the perfect flush of colour.

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