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A stag do is a significant occasion. Ideally, the groom will only be going through one of these trips in his life. Thus, it makes sense to pick the right destination, and to ensure that everyone goes as smoothly as possible.

But exactly which destinations should we be considering? Let’s take a look at a few of the best stag breaks to include in your tours in Europe.


The appeal of the Dutch capital is largely (though not entirely) rooted in its Red Light District, and lax approach to cannabis. If you’re looking for a hedonistic weekend, this is the place to enjoy it.


Liverpool’s tourist appeal is driven largely by the Beatles, images of whom can be found throughout the city. It’s easily accessible if you’re in the North, and the nightlife and activities here are stellar.


This is only the second-largest city in Poland, but when it comes to party vibes, it’s a world leader. The alcohol here is very affordable, and the centre is absolutely packed with clubs.


If the groom drinks Guinness, then Dublin is an obvious choice. You’ll spend a little more here, but the city and the surrounding countryside can often justify the expense.


Another European city with affordable alcohol going for it, Prague is packed with culture and hilariously over-the-top stag experiences.


If you’d prefer a sunnier experience, then this infamous beach destination is surely the way to go. Of particular interest is the go-karting. Provided that you aren’t too hung over.


The Scottish capital is replete with highland-themed games and activities. It’s also an excellent place to visit if you’d like a whisky-tasting experience.


If you’d like to take a trip along the Danube while enjoying a reasonably-priced beer, then Budapest is the only place to do it. Most stag weekends here are concentrated in the Jewish Quarter, which is packed with so-called ‘ruin’ bars, which are based in the remains of formerly condemned buildings.


Thanks to reality television and a newly-minted football club, Newcastle is a city that’s come to the attention of the continent’s tourists. But what really sells the city is the nightlife and the beer, both of which is of a peerless quality.


This Croatian city is absolutely magnificent, especially when it’s lit up at night time. It might not be the first city that springs to mind when it comes to a stag weekend, but it ticks just about every box. The beer is cheap, the attractions are plentiful, and there’s a lot of history and culture to check out in the daytime. If you’d prefer a stag weekend that’s a little more refined, here’s the place to enjoy it.

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