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This original article was first published here: Flexispot E7 Pro Standing Desk Review

Standing desks have been a game-changer in the world of ergonomics, transforming the humdrum of sedentary work life into an interactive ballet of sit-stand choreography. Among the ensemble of ergonomic furniture, I recently had an encounter with the Flexispot E7 Pro Standing Desk, an experience akin to finding the missing piece of a puzzle in my home office.

At the heart of my conquest for the perfect desk was the quest for something robust, stylish, and with a whisper of technological sophistication. The E7 Pro is not just a desk; it’s a workstation that carries the day with an industrial-grade steel frame. This beast supports a smorgasbord of desktops, with a palette of 10 colours to choose from, ensuring that it doesn’t just fit in, but it stands out. The Bamboo-style desktop I chose was the epitome of eco-chic, melding a rustic charm with the sleek black frame’s modern flair.

When the parcels arrived, tipping the scales at a hefty 60kg combined, it was clear this was not a one-man ballet; it was a duet. My partner in assembly was a set of clear instructions, a saviour in a sea of typically convoluted furniture manuals. Each screw, a silent actor in the play, had its cue, tucked neatly in labeled bags, a testament to Flexispot’s attention to detail.

20 KG for the desktop and 40Kg for the frame. Make sure to have help when building it.

I loved the label packs, it made building the desk a breeze.

The assembly began with the desktop and frame forming a partnership, followed by the marriage of legs to the frame and feet to the legs. Choices were aplenty — even the controls offered a left or right rendezvous, catering to both the left-handed poets and the right-handed painters of the work world. Wiring was a cakewalk, every cable finding its partner in a well-labelled electronic dance.

Attching the frame and legs with pre drilled whole and the supplied tool was not difficult.

However, the cable tray presented itself as the Rubik’s Cube of the process, with no predrilled holes to guide the way. Patience was the key here, and once solved, it led to the pièce de résistance — a magnetic cover that swept the cables and control unit under a cloak of invisibility, maintaining an aesthetic as clean as a whistle.

Attcahing the cable tray frame (on the right in the middle) was a little harder with no pre drilled holes.

With the curtain call an hour later, the E7 Pro stood tall, a colossus ready to tackle the ebb and flow of daily grind. Its sheer size and cable management prowess exuded a silent authority, a captain ready to steer through the choppy waters of work tasks.

The desk in its lowest position

Comparatively, while the Q8, Flexispot’s other offering I had the pleasure of assembling last year, was a sprinter with a 20-minute assembly time, the E7 Pro was a marathon runner, rewarding patience and attention with a fortress of a workstation.

The final act was an orchestration of strength as we pivoted the desk onto its sturdy limbs, its heart beginning to beat with the hum of electricity. The desk sprung to life with a push of a button, ready to rise and dip at my command, a silent guardian against the perils of a sedentary lifestyle.

Thanks to its 3-stage leg design the Flexispot E7 pro desk has a range from 63.5cm to 129cm. Making the desk suitable to sitting smaller children as well as adults up to 195cm that want a standing desk experience. The motors are so powerful they can lift up to 160kg which must be a serious gaming setup.

There is a built-in USB port, handy for charging your mobile.

In conclusion, the Flexispot E7 Pro Standing Desk doesn’t just stand — it reigns supreme in the realm of ergonomic desks. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a partner in the waltz of daily tasks, a reliable steed in the joust of productivity. For those looking to invest in their workspace, the E7 Pro is the cornerstone that holds the fort, a bastion of support for the working warrior in us all.

Technical details

Model tested: E7 Pro Black frame (also comes in white) price $599, €599.99, £499 flexispot with 160cm x 80cm (72″ x 30″) bamboo desktop $240, €249.99, £229.99.
Keypad with 4 way- memory controller, built-in USB charger  and child lock.
Magnetic concealed cable management.
Under-desk cable management slot.
Self-gripping tape for cable management and cable clips.
160kg weight capacity.
The lowest position at 25″ 63.5 cm and the highest 50.6″ 129 cm.
Wide choice of options of desktops, 10 different colours and 9 different sizes and shapes.

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