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While fashion trends may come and go, there are some classic pieces that remain ever-present, embraced by stylish types around the world. However, what’s considered classic to one person might feel somewhat antiquated to another, and this happens to be the case with the item which we’re going to explore today; T-bar shoes. 

You could argue that T-bar shoes are regarded as being, for lack of a better word, “dated”, especially when you consider that their popularity peaked in the 1940s and 1950s. For many, it’s simply not a shoe you see out in the wild all that often. That is, unless you’re in France. This sophisticated footwear option has been a cherished staple in French fashion for decades, and its allure shows no signs of waning on the streets of Paris. In fact, this appeal is transcending the Channel, as I noticed that the term “T-bar shoes” is up by 100% in Google searched in the past 48 hours.

The T-bar shoe’s popularity lies in its elegant silhouette coupled with its practicality and comfort. With a distinctive strap forming a graceful “T” shape across the foot, it boasts a refined charm that complements a myriad of outfits. French women have long appreciated its versatility and wearability; be it a high-heel or a flat, the strategically-positioned strap keeps the shoe locked in place on the foot, making it easier to walk in than most styles (that explains why they’re so popular in the ballroom-dancing scene, too). Seamlessly transitioning from casual strolls along the Seine to evenings spent in the heart of Paris, paired with cropped trousers, flowing skirts, or a chic little black dress, it’s little wonder T-bar shoe trend is one French women have never overlooked. And looking at the chic styles that are cropping up on the market right now, I might just follow their lead. Scroll on to see how French women wear T-bar shoes, then shop my edit to go with. 

One of Paris’ most-decorated dressers, if Jeanne Damas gives something her approval, you can bet it’s going to be big. 

Tick off two major shoe trends in one with some T-bar Mary Janes. 

Popular on the street style scene, this Parisian proves that T-bars have a place in minimal wardrobes, too. 

Complete your Gallic-girl metamorphosis by styling your T-bar shoes with a basket bag and Breton stripes. 

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