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Who doesn’t love the feeling that a professional salon blow dry brings? We’ve all felt the confidence of a great hair day, and know that it can put a spring in your step for the entire day after leaving the salon. However, unless you’re a celebrity with a glam squad entourage on speed dial, having a blowout is an occasional treat rather than a daily occurrence. However, the best hairdryers can (almost) emulate that feeling at home. Trust me.

The best hairdryers can make all the difference to your hair routine. If you’ve ever been stuck with a tiny hotel hair dryer that gently sighs hot hair, you’ll know what a difference a good (or bad) hair dryer can make. Apart from speeding up your drying time, a great hair dryer makes styling easier, prevents extreme heat damage and makes drying your hair far less of a chore—without the dreaded arm ache. And if you invest carefully, the best hairdryers will last you for many years to come.

However, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to tell what ones is the best hairdryer. It will vary much on your hair type (these are the best hairdryers for textured hair), the kind of attachments you’re after, and how much you want to spend. With hairdryers ranging from anything from £20 to £400, is it really worth spending a lot of money on a hairdryer? To find out, I enlisted our team of hard-to-please editors to do all of the heavy lifting by testing several different hairdryers. Below are the ones that made the cut, from Dyson to Shark and everything in between.

I’ll preface my review with the fact that I’m already a loyal lover of my GHD Air Hair Dryer. It gets the job done, but I was curious to see what the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer could offer, as I already adore the Dyson Airwrap and Corrale straighteners. My hair is long and reasonably thick, so blow drying is often a lengthy chore for me. Some of my hair texture is wiry around my crown, so I’m prone to flyaways at the roots that I’m hellbent on smoothing. I’m always searching for that smooth, salon-worthy result when I’m drying my hair.

To me, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer feels like the Tesla of hairdryers. The device looks and feels premium to use. Holding it in my hand, it feels lightweight yet sturdy, and I like the unique design and colour ways the hairdryer comes in. The accompanying case is also beautiful to keep your hairdryer and attachments safe. But, I’m pleased to say that the Dyson Supersonic has both style and substance.

Let’s get into the technology. This no doubt plays a part in the investment price tag and what sets it apart from competitors. The Supersonic measures air temperature 40 times a second, helping to regulate the temperature to prevent heat damage. There are three heat settings to choose from, as well as a cool shot button for locking styles into place and adding shine. There are also three speed settings to choose from. 

I have high praise for the well thought through attachments. They magnetically snap into place onto the head of the hairdryer, making them easy to attach and remove. These include a diffuser attachment for drying curls and waves, a wide-toothed comb for dry coily hair textures, as well as a concentrated nozzle for focused drying. What sets the Supersonic apart from other dryers is the addition of a smoothing attachment, which mimics hairstylists’ techniques for tucking in stubborn flyaways at the roots and through the lengths. Another thoughtful addition is the gentle air attachment, which diffuses the air more gently, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps who still want their hair to dry quickly without too much heat. You can also use the hairdryer as it is if you’re rough-drying your hair.

The Dyson Supersonic is reasonably quiet to use, particularly on the slower speed settings, without compromising on power. I used the highest speed setting, and the medium heat level, and it dried and styled my hair in under 15 minutes. I find many hairdryers leave my hair cuticles looking rough and frizzy, but the concentrated nozzle left my hair smooth with a healthy shine. I particularly loved the smoothing attachment which left my hair sleek and free from flyaways. I’ve recently hair some new hair growth pop through, and this is ideal for tucking in those flyaways. I really loved the final result and found it easy and enjoyable to use.

The only con is the price tag. It’s by far the most expensive hairdryer of the ones we have tested. However, I do think its worth the investment over the course of the several years you’ll have it (Dyson’s warranty guarantees its hairdryer model for 5 years), especially if you’re using it every day or several times a week. Overall, if you’re willing to part with the money, Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer is an excellent investment.

Rating: 10/10

My hair is pretty darn average: Brunette, undyed, mid-length and not too thick or fine. It’s not curly or naturally straight. All of which have their benefits at times. But it also means I’ve never really just been able to leave my hair to dry naturally if I’d like it to feel styled or particularly glossy (it tends to just end up feeling frizzy and unusually bushy). Hence why I really depend on a great hairdryer. 

I’ve been using an old classic GHD hairdryer for years (I’m not yet joined the Dyson hype train) but ever since starting to test Hersheson’s ‘The Great Hairdryer’ a few months ago, I feel like I’ve been living in the dark ages. Features wise, it comes with three attachments: a diffuser, and two nozzles for smoother blow drys (one narrow and one wide) There’s three heat settings, and three speeds, with a cool shot option too. Amazingly it memorises your favourite settings for the next time you turn it on, and I also loved the option to lock your settings during use, which avoids any of that awkwardness of trying to hold the hairdryer in a position where you won’t accidentally flick the cool switch (a particular pet peeve of mine). 

So, if it just dries hair, what is it exactly that impressed me about this hairdryer? Well, to start with I was shocked at how lightweight it is. 294 grams to be exact (apparently less than a can of Coke). I first tried it while away with friends and, in disbelief, made them all handle it to see for themselves (they were impressed too, even the Dyson users). Although my tricep definition might suffer, I won’t miss the arm workout of my old style. It’s not “quiet” but it’s certainly a lot quieter than my aging blower; and most impressive was how quickly it dried my hair. Despite its lighter weight and smaller, more streamlined shape, they’ve cut no corners in the amount of power is packs. I’d say it probably cut my drying time in half, to around 8-10 mins. And those are precious minutes when you’re rushing to get out of the door in the morning. 

In terms of the final result, I usually rough-dry my hair straight out of the shower with no attachment, then use the wide nozzle with a round brush to blowout any kinks. Using this method I got the very smooth and glossy effect you can see here, with much less fly aways than before. But I also love that I’ve been able to use this hairdryer in a rush with no round brush faffing, and it’s still left me with tamed, frizz-free locks. 

For the technical fans out there, another pro is its innovative technology. Namely the “Oxy Active Technology” which emits active oxygen with an anti-bacterial effect, which “increases shine, protects the elasticity of your hair and keeps your colour looking vibrant for longer”. It also claims to work on so many types of hair: along, short, thick, fine, curly, coloured, textured and heat damaged hair. A very small con to mention is that to keep it functioning at its best you have to regularly clean out the filter. This sounds time-consuming but there’s actually a very easy how-to video here on the automatic cleaning function. I already know I’ll be lax in completing this process regularly, but I take comfort in the fact that it does have an automatic switch-off feature to let me know this step is absolutely necessary.

At £295, it’s certainly not cheap but I think it still makes a smart investment considering it’s something you use probably every day, or every few days. And it really has transformed my morning hair routine. I will caveat my 9/10 verdict by saying that I do have quite easy hair to manage, and having not really tried the Dyson (potentially the holy grail of modern hairdryers?) my standards are probably quite low. But, I can say for certain I won’t ever be going back to a traditional blow dryer after trying The Great Hairdryer, and it without a doubt lives up to its name. 

Rating: 9/10

My hair is a little bit of everything these days—since having a baby it’s definitely thicker and with some greys coming through there are coarse strands sitting against finer ones. I have post-partum regrowth that just won’t quit, so I have lots of flyaway hairs on the top of my head and around my hairline. My hair is the kind of fairly voluminous, semi-wavy hair that doesn’t actually like being blow-dried or set in place as it very quickly falls out. I don’t mind a little bit of fluff and frizz and unruliness, but I often avoid hair dryers as they can bring out the worst parts of my texture then fall out to look super-flat. Don’t at me—I’m a natural-dry kinda girl.

There are so many amazing things about the Bio Ionic Smart-X that I’m now a hairdryer convert! The speed at which it dries, the quiet hum, the fact you can lock your settings in place and not keep nudging the buttons into another gear—there’s even an auto-memorisation functionality that remembers your favourite setting. Genius! This hair dryer uses greater air pressure and less heat so it’s healthier for your hair, plus the negative ions that are emitted allow more water to absorb into your hair which ultimately means you have better-moisturised, softer, shinier looking hair as a result, even when you’re rough-drying.

There are three warm settings, plus a cool button, as well as three different speeds. So you have a lot of options! I personally don’t like to use super-hot hair dryers so this is a great benefit for me. Super ergonomic and the slimmest, lightest hairdryer I’ve ever dealt with. It makes styling my hair a much easier, quicker experience. The power cord is long so you can move about, but it’s the quiet, hi-tech swoosh sound that impresses me the most—no more waking up the household when I need to get up early! It’s a fast dry, even on a lower temperature setting, but it’s worth noting that my hair is currently cut into a chin-length bob so there isn’t heaps to dry.

I’m no expert when it comes to blow-drying my own hair but this definitely helps me achieve a me-but-better result. Because of the fact that the Bionic even does a nice job of rough-drying my hair, it’s definitely turned me from a hair-dryer phobe to a convert. Yes, it’s more expensive than your average high-street hair-dryer but I think for something you use multiple times a week and is of such good quality, then the investment is worth it.

Rating: 9/10

I’ve got long hair that sits dead-straight when air dried, so I use a hairdryer for extra volume and to style my curtains/long face-framing pieces. I was super excited to try Shark’s FlexStyle which doubles as a styler too.

The FlexStyle easily twists to change between a dryer and a styler, and comes with a range of attachments for all hair types including a diffuser for curly hair, a styling concentrator, two brushes and two auto-wrap curlers. It has three settings for both speed and heat, as well as a cool shot button giving you full control of the temperature so you can minimise heat damage where possible. It’s super powerful on the highest setting (so naturally quite loud), but I found it still worked well on the first and second speeds. The hairdryer is relatively lightweight and easy to hold, and getting to grips with popping the attachments on and off was simple. 

It usually takes me around 20 minutes to get my hair fully dry, but this was cut down to around 15 minutes with the FlexStyle. I used two attachments: the styling concentrator and auto-wrap curlers and my hair was left feeling silky and voluminous. I will say that I did have a few fly aways, and found it a little tricky to get my hair to wrap fully around the curlers at first, but this didn’t put me off. 

It’s no secret that the Shark FlexStyle is considered a alternative to the Dyson Airwrap, and coming in at around £270 (£200 less than the Airwrap), it is definitely more budget-friendly without compromising on quality. Whilst it’s not everyday you’d spend £270 on a hairdryer, as this doubles as a styler (with so many attachments), I’d say it’s definitely worth the money. 

I love that it comes in a sleek case (no more pesky cables hanging about!) which also makes it perfect for travel. All in all, I’m really impressed with the FlexStyle and I’ll be using it in my hair routine from here on in!

Rating: 8/10

I dedicate an entire day to washing my hair. It might sound dramatic but that’s the standard for Black hair. Yes, I’ve managed to significantly reduce the time it takes me by choosing to wear my hair straight more often, but it’s still a gruesome process nonetheless.

The hardest part for me has always been the drying process. Until I introduced hairstylers into the mix, I found that it could take up to about 45 minutes minimum to get my locks dried. So you can imagine how impressed I was that the Zuvi Halo hairdryer cut that time down significantly.

On the day I tested it I really pushed it to the limit, sparing only 30 minutes to do my hair before leaving the house for an appointment. Within 20 minutes, every strand on my scalp was free of water. And to add to it, it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry and crispy like other hairdryers tend to. The price of the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer was a deterrent especially because you can opt for something that offers more
styling options. However, upon trying it I can now say it’s worth the price.

Rating: 8/10

As the daughter of a hairdresser, suffice it to say I’ve tried my fair share of hairdryers in my time. To this day, if I’m struggling to sleep, I’ll play sounds of
a hairdryer on Spotify—that’s how integral to my childhood they were. Now, I have mid-length hair with natural waves, and it often takes a considerable amount of time to dry fully due to its thickness and moisture retention. So, I was excited to try a new hairdryer to see if I could notice a significant difference in my routine. My pick was the GHD Helios Professional Hairdryer.

This hairdryer boasts some special features that make it stand out. It incorporates innovative Aeroprecis technology, which provides a powerful yet concentrated airflow for precise and efficient drying. It comes with one attachment as standard—a narrower nozzle for more targeted drying and styling. It also offers Two speeds, three heat settings and one cool-shot button, which combine to cater to different hair types and styling preferences. I appreciate the customisation options, which allow me to find the perfect balance for my hair; the cool shot was particularly helpful in locking in the shape from my blowdrying efforts.

Using the Helios feels like a premium hair drying experience. It’s noticeably lighter and quieter than other hairdryers I’ve used, and the ergonomic handle
ensures a firm grip. These features reduce the strain on my arm and make the whole process more comfortable. A friend of mine has arthritis in her
hand and struggles with other models—she told me the Helios put less strain on her hand and wrist than any other she has used! I also appreciate the sleek design, which looks the high-end part.

In terms of speed, this hairdryer exceeded my expectations. It cut my usual drying time by a third, making the process much more efficient (especially as someone who, try as I may, always seems to be running late!). The end result is game-changing. My hair looks smoother, shinier, and healthier than
ever before—I’ve even received compliments on its improved appearance. While the GHD Helios Professional Hairdryer comes with a higher price tag, I believe it’s worth every penny. The quality, performance, and durability make it a worthy investment for anyone who values their hair’s health and appearance. The fact that many professionals champion this hairdryer speaks volumes about its efficacy.

To summarise, the GHD Helios Professional Hairdryer has been a remarkable addition to my haircare routine. It excels in speed, precision, and performance, leaving my hair looking healthier and more beautiful. If you’re willing to invest in your hair’s well-being, this dryer is an excellent choice.

Rating: 9/10

I have thin hair but a lot of it, so it’s quite unruly and I am often left with knots and a good amount of frizz post-wash, so a reliable hair dryer that helps with smoothness and shine is important to me.

The Bellissima Creativity 4 You dryer comes with four attachments that help achieve different styling results, but I reached for the straightening accessory to help with said frizz and to give my blowdry that silky-smooth effect that you can normally only achieve with an appointment at the salon. It has three temperature levels, although I found it hard to distinguish between them using the buttons, a cold hair shot, and uses ion care technology to help protect hair.

Online, the brand claims this is an ergonomic design, but I found it quite hard and heavy to hold. Since I have a lot of hair, I need something lightweight as I am usually standing there with the device for a while! It is also fairly noisy, and although I am not expecting a silent hairdryer, the device does use low noise level as one of it’s selling points, which I don’t think it delivered on.

Overall, it did dry my hair fairly quickly, and I was happy with the level of smoothness the attachment left me with, but I think this is quite an expensive device and I, sadly, didn’t fall in love with it. For me, this is a six and a half out of ten.

Rating: 6.5/10

As a regular bleacher, my hair is rather dry. It’s also in that annoying in-between length where I had a bob three years ago, but it isn’t quite the waist length I’d like it to be. Hairdressers often tell me “it holds moisture,” which I think is a polite way of saying “it’s taking ages to dry.” I blow-dry my hair 2-3 times a week, and as it “holds moisture”. I like a hairdryer that is light and effective.

Aside from its appealing navy and gold exterior, the Cloud Nine’s Air Shot model isn’t overly flashy, it’s standard in that it has a two temperature, two speed button setting and two concentrator nozzle attachments, but it dried my hair quicker than most other hairdryers I’ve tried, including those that are considerably more expensive.

Although it’s not a hairdryer I would describe as particularly light, I am yet to get cramp in my arm from blow drying it with a round brush, which in my book is passing a big test. In essence, this a great standard hairdryer because it’s easy to use and, most importantly, it dries my hair in under 10 minutes, which for around the £150 mark, I’d say is a good buy. It also left my hair feeling soft, silky and bouncy. Quick, shine- inducing and under £200? I’d say that’s a winner.

Rating: 8/10

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