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Who doesn’t love a designer perfume? Not only do they look beautiful, but they smell beautiful too. The only downside, unfortunately, is that they can sometimes set you back a small fortune. However, thanks to one of my favourite high-street stores, smelling expensive doesn’t have to break the bank. Enter, Zara.

Over the years, Zara perfumes have become staples in my fragrance collection, and I often find myself reaching for them over my luxury scents. Since trying lots of different ones out for myself, I’ve come to realise that there are certain Zara fragrances that smell just like some of my designer faves. In fact, if you blindfolded me and asked me to tell the difference between the two, I’m not sure I’d always be able to.

It seems I’m not alone—TikTok is full of videos of people comparing Zara perfumes to high-end fragrances from brands such as Armani, Dior, Tom Ford and YSL. Here at Who What Wear UK, we don’t gatekeep, so I thought it was only right to round up the best Zara perfume dupes available right now. 

All of these high-street perfumes are under £30, so you’re literally getting the designer look (or smell) for less. Interested? I thought so. Keep on scrolling for the very best Zara perfume dupes. These fragrances are always selling out, so make sure to add them to your basket before it’s too late. You’ve been warned…

According to the internet, Zara’s Sublime Epoque is an exact dupe for Armani’s popular fragrance, My Way. Both perfumes contain notes of sweet jasmine and floral tuberose, with warm vanilla and cedar at the base. Zara’s perfume also contains hints of orange blossom for a fresh, citrusy element.

Possibly one of the best dupes I have ever come across is Zara’s Red Temptation Parfum. This fragrance smells so much like the famous Baccarat Rouge 540, with notes of creamy praline, musky amber and sensual jasmine. I’m not lying when I say I always get complimented on this scent. It’s worth noting that the Zara one doesn’t last as long, but the slim bottle means that it’s easy to throw in your bag to top-up throughout the day.

Another perfume I always get complimented on is Zara’s Ebony Wood, and it smells so similar to Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone. In fact, Ebony Wood is part of Zara’s collection with Jo Malone CBE herself, so you know it’s going to be good. I would say that the Zara perfume is a little richer, whilst the Jo Malone scent has fresher notes of sea salt and sage, which is why I like to wear the Jo Malone in the day, and layer with Ebony Wood for the evening.

YSL’s Black Opium has been in my collection for as long as I can remember. It’s such an intoxicating scent, and Zara’s Gardenia fragrance contains all of the same key notes such as orange blossom and coffee. What’s not to like?

To me, there’s nothing quite as delicious as the smell of fresh cherries, and Zara’s alternative to Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry smells almost good enough to eat. Both fragrances combine sweet and sour notes of cherry and plum with creamy, woody almond. Zara’s fragrance also contains a hint of vanilla, giving it a noticeable warmth.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs was one of the first perfumes I ever owned, and smelling Apple Juice from Zara has me feeling so nostalgic. It’s just as floral and fruity, with notes of apple, orange and grapefruit combined with rose, jasmine, violet and peony. Both fragrances finish with hints of sandalwood, making wearing them feel like warm hug.

Everyone knows and loves the Miss Dior fragrances, and it looks as if Zara has created its own version for a fraction of the price. Nude Bouquet contains sweet cherry, peony and vanilla, making it a perfect option for spring and summer.

Paco Rabanne’s iconic fragrance is known for its floral, fruity scent with sensual hints of honey and amber. Zara’s Gold perfume is equally as delicious, with sweet, fruity notes of caramelised peach mixed with sensual jasmine. It also has a sweet, musky element to it, making it just as captivating.

Kilian perfumes are so stunning, but they can also be quite expensive. Luckily, Nocturnal Life by Zara contains similar notes of cinnamon, alongside hints of incense and orange, which makes it the perfect warming fragrance for the festive season.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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