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While dark circles can be hereditary—in which case there isn’t a huge amount that you can do to shift them with skincare`—there is one key culprit causing mine to stay stubbornly put right now: lack of sleep. (Say it louder for the toddlers at the back!) Yes, pre-kids, I was a master at napping in even the smallest window of free time and I rarely woke once my head hit the pillow. My under-eyes were as bright as the summer sun and dark circles weren’t a phrase in my beauty vocabulary. These days? The shadows are intense.

However, this week a new launch from Beauty Pie landed on my desk that transformed my grey, tired under-eyes into bright and glowy delights. It’s an extension of their best-selling Superluminous Under-Eye Genius—a brightener and colour corrector for dark circles which I’m also a huge fan of. And, trust me, if you also struggle to clock in eight solid hours a night for whatever reason (pets, insomnia, stress—there are so many factors that can affect our sleep) then this new launch might be just what your dark circles are looking for.

Ahead, my honest review of the Beauty Pie Superluminous Serum Concealer—with the before and after photos to prove it. 

If you’re not already familiar with Beauty Pie then here’s a quick rundown of the concept. The brand creates and sells luxury beauty products without any of the huge markups that you’d normally expect from other brands. To access these savings, you sign up for a Beauty Pie membership which allows you to purchase the products at price that is significantly lower than the recommended retail price. For instance, the Superluminous Serum Concealer would sell for £28 at market value, but Beauty Pie members can get it for just £12. Impressive, right?

Mica Ricketts before applying the Beauty Pie Superluminous Serum Concealer. Described as half skincare, half concealer, I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this product and was concerned that it wouldn’t deliver well on either promise. At first swipe, it was certainly lightweight and felt super hydrating—it’s enriched with hyaluronic acid so great for moisturising dehydrated under-eyes—and it looks wonderfully light-reflecting on the skin. In fact, I was impressed at how dewy and fresh my under-eyes looked immediately. But what about the coverage? 

Mica Ricketts after applying the Beauty Pie Superluminous Serum Concealer. First thing to note—Beauty Pie themselves describe this product as having a ‘light touch of cover’ so it isn’t coined as a full coverage concealer. There are eight shades available, and it has to be noted that only two of them are geared towards deep or darker skin tones, but the coverage is so lightweight that the shades are definitely stretchable. However, despite not having high expectations, I was seriously wowed with how well this product minimised the dark, shadowy undertones of my under-eyes and brightened up the area. I was expecting to have to layer my usual concealer on top and this really wasn’t the case. It was fast to apply—I just patted it on with applicator and blended out with my fingertips—and I was happy enough to head straight out on the school run without any other makeup. 

Price shown is members’ price. Non-member price is £28. This lightweight, brightness-boosting concealer has become my go-to on mornings that I’m lacking in sleep and haven’t got the energy for a full makeup routine. It requires no effort, yet makes my whole face look more awake.

Price shown is members’ price. Non-member price is £25. This can be patted onto clean skin to counteract the bluey-purple tones that are synonymous with dark circles. It really opens up tired eyes and illuminates the under-eye area, and I’ll then layer a concealer on top for more coverage.

Price shown is members’ price. Non-member price is £50. This does for my whole face what the serum concealer does for my under-eyes. It’s a radiance-boosting skin tint packed with hyaluronic acid, collagen amino acids and peptides so skin is left plumped, nourished and glowing. The coverage is sheer, but has a juicy, dewy finish that makes skin look so healthy.  Up Next: I’m a Beauty Editor With Dark Circles—These Are the Only Concealers Worth Buying.

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