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If you want to lose weight and feel extremely happy at the end of your journey, it’s crucial to focus on correcting your diet, adopting healthier eating habits, and also engage in regular exercise; there’s no other way, it’s the only way! You may come across pills and powders that promise faster results, but we would like to warn you that there are potential side effects in consuming them, and ultimately, they wouldn’t even lead you to your goal weight. Even though a lot of people lose weight to look lean and fit into smaller-sized clothes, a majority of people want to improve their health because obesity can increase the risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and also type 2 diabetes. The human body needs a certain amount of calories to perform basic functions like breathing, pumping the heart, circulating blood all around the body, digestion, etc., and a lot of nutrients to sustain life. Essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates run a variety of functions in the body. When you lose weight employing wrong methods, i.e., by lowering calories drastically, everything in the body goes haywire, from hormones to metabolic health, leading to several medical conditions. That’s why diets that treat all calories equally and advocate eating as less as possible, need to be steer cleared of. Similarly, supplements, powders, and pills claiming to directly target fat should be avoided. The key is not to shock the body, but to encourage it to utilize stored fat for energy, and this can be achieved by being on a good diet plan and get more physically active. In this article, we would tell you what exactly would happen if you lose weight the wrong way.

1. Severe Hair Fall:

One common side effect of weight loss done through an unhealthy method is hair loss and development of bald patches. This can happen because crash diets lack essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals like iron and zinc, which are necessary for hair growth. Without nutrients, hair follicles would weaken, leading to hair fall. Also, wrong methods can cause hormonal imbalances (increase in cortisol level for example), which can lead to telogen effluvium, causing severe hair loss.

2. Disruption of Menstrual Cycle:

You need to hear this, both crash dieting and excessive exercise can cause women to miss their periods or have irregular periods because the hormones needed to regulate menstrual cycle (estrogen and progesterone) get affected with a lack of nutrients and energy. Luckily, this situation can be reversed when healthy eating patterns are resumed.

3. Slow Metabolism:

When the body gets just a few calories, it switches to a “famine” mode,” where it becomes efficient at running with limited amount of energy. As a result, metabolism slows down drastically. Crash dieting and other unhealthy methods may cause loss of lean muscle mass, which results in decrease of body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) because muscles require more energy for maintenance. A lower BMR means the body burns fewer calories at rest. A sluggish metabolism would mean that not only would be it more difficult to lose weight in the future, the body would store fat more readily. Also read: “9 Ways To Deal With Hunger Pangs While Dieting.”

4. More Belly Fat in the Long Run:

A few studies have pointed out that crash dieting may lead to build-up of stubborn belly fat in the long run. Once a person comes off the fad diet, waistline starts to increase.

5. Severe Health Issues:

Some fat-burning pills have been banned by the FDA because they caused high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even liver damage. Other health issues include digestive issues, allergic reactions, anxiety and mood swings. With such life-threatening issues, do not waste your money on these products.

6. Compromised Immunity:

A lack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary to keep the immune system strong go missing with fad diets. A compromised immune system is an open invitation for several diseases. Remember you wanted to achieve better health with weight loss, and by using wrong methods, you would get the exact opposite outcome.

7. Skin Issues:

Without building muscle, your skin would begin to sag once the fat is lost. Increasing protein intake and strength training while losing weight will keep your skin taut and firm. Dull and lacklusture skin, brittle nails, acne, dry skin are some other issues that would show up on the face.

8. Would Gain More Weight Than Before:

Once you stop the fad diet or fat-burning pills, you would gain weight, much more than before. Crash dieting and pills would only bring temporary results, but with the diet plans on Rati Beauty app, you can lose weight and keep it off forever!

Overall, experts also point that wrong weight loss methods tend to affect the gut as well, which can lead to mood disorders and even depression. While weight management can be a part of self-improvement, it’s essential to focus on overall well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional health as well.

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