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Fashion is popular niche on all digital platforms. Modern fashion is such a great visual domain and social media influencers who place a strong emphasis on showcasing high-quality photographs are clearly valued. A lifestyle or fashion blogger is a social media star with a notable following. They primarily provide fashion content and has the potential to influence others’ opinions and shopping decisions through their reviews.

What is fashion and Travel blogging?

Fashion bloggers can show off their outfits and creativity on Instagram, but not as much on their podcasts. Maintaining blogs are essential, as they can create a space for all fashionistas to engage their audience with emerging fashion trends and showcase high-end products. Most fashion bloggers use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Some YouTube stars have become well-known for their style and aesthetic content.

On the other hand, travel blogging too, is a competitive domain that is getting bigger each day. After all, nobody minds being paid to travel all over the world. It appears to be a fantastic dream to pursue. What could be more interesting than the ideal opportunity of getting paid trips to incredible destinations all around the world?

The process of developing a travel blog requires a lot of time and efforts.  Posting about your trip overseas is only a small piece of the puzzle. Productive blog posts are reader and audience-oriented, with a great reliance on blog content. It’s trivial to achieve a modest or mid-tier reputation, however, if you wish to make a difference, concentrate on engaging content, niche orientation, brand development, and best practices. Your audience would prefer content that is relatable and independent travel stories since they want to discover how they can make their travel dreams come true.

Impact of the Influencer market

The influencer market has been growing from a minor idea to a $6.5 billion market in the last ten years. Nearly 50% of advertisers allocated over 20% of their revenue to influencers.   Digital advertising has now become an effective business strategy in which brands hire business influencers to promote their products.

Travel bloggers earn through brand collaboration and advertisements. Business endorsements are the primary stream of revenue for most influencers, particularly for those who earn through Instagram. A study highlights that various businesses had invested around $15 billion in digital advertising in 2020.  However, the lucrative traveling blogger business has gotten increasingly complicated with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

How Travel Bloggers Inspire People?

Travel bloggers engage their followers by posting their traveling experiences on digital media and yield content on traveling, tourism, and native culture. Their content is widely regarded as a reliable source of information and impacts their followers’ perspectives of locations and activities. Their content does not only influence our destination choices but also redefines the way we perceive the world. They frequently collaborate with airline operators, tour operators, tourism businesses, and regional firms to promote their branding, products, or expertise for an incentive, which is often a complimentary vacation.

How fashion blogger influence fashion industry

Fashion is one of few super-niches where urban influencers have a lasting impact on the industry’s overall domain. There are a few domains where prominent influencers can rightly claim to have influenced and altered the lives of their followers, and fashion is one of them. When these influencers collaborate with any brand, they usually get invitations to attend haute couture of latest trends, parties, and exclusive dinners. In return, they have to post pictures of themselves wearing branded clothes or using their products on social media platforms to influence their followers’ decisions. If payment was made by these brands, then bloggers are urged to tag the posts as sponsored content. Influencers’ marketing is implemented in almost every field.

Most fashionistas are aware of the styles of upcoming fashion trends. They collaborate with specific influencers who can endorse styles that are in line with their individual preferences. Fashion choices are truly personal, and you’ll rarely adore all articles of clothing on the various brand collection. Fashion influencers can give you tips about upcoming trends and styles. If you do not like the fashion aesthetics of a certain blogger you can always look for another. Many influencers endorse a specific styling niche; you can follow any fashion influencer who you think has a similar choice to yours. 

Top 5 Fashion influencers you need to follow!

Fashion is a highly popular niche, and it is challenging to list down all fashion influencers.  Fashion is one of the major global fields of competence with fashion critics from all over the world contributing to the debate. People appreciate the value of European brands in the fashion industry in the “actual” social realm. In the age of internet blogging, many fashion bloggers originating from European countries are appreciated all over the world. Several websites are publishing their content in ranking influencers in the fashion niche which gives the user the right guide to follow the best fashion influencers. (There are many well-known travel bloggers on the social media, and it’s necessary that you should explore a few of these prior to actually planning your next vacation or trying to enhance your own weblog. Most of these travel bloggers can provide the audience with a variety of beneficial content.

The following top ten fashion and travel bloggers has remarkable following and the top TFI ratings. They are a truly global group of style icons.

1. Cole Sprouse:

Cole Mitchell Sprouse is a famous actor from the United States. He is famed for his performance as Cody Martin on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He co-starred in several productions with his twin brother Dylan Sprouse throughout his formative years. He is a leading fashion icon and a photographer on Instagram and bagged the title of “Emerging Style Icon” in 2018.

2. Zoella Zeebo:  

Her YouTube nickname is Zoella, and Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is her true name. she is famous for her nickname for it. She is a Vlogger, YouTuber, author, and beauty and fashion icon. She launched her own blog, “Zoella,” in 2009.  she became quickly popular with her debut novel, ‘Girl Online,’ which she published in 2014.

3. Mariano Di Vaio:

He is an Italian fashion blogger and a leading ambassador for many fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Dolce & Gabbana.  He is not only a fashion icon but also a fashion designer and a writer. His first book was My Dream Job. He also launched his own collection of jewelry, eyewear, and shoes with MDV Jewels, MDV eyewear, and MDV shoes.

4. Chiara Ferragni:

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger, entrepreneur, fashionista, and model whose weblog The Blonde Salad has featured collaborations with high fashion and cosmetics brands. Ferragni was top labeled on Forbes’ “Top Fashion Influencers” ranking in September 2017. Chiara Ferragni has launched her personal fashion brand, Chiara Ferragni Collections, as a byproduct of her love for style and her immense fame. She has been ranked among the top fashion influences and style gurus for the past ten years. She has collaborated with major fashion brands such as LVMH, Chanel, Dior, and Giambattista Valli, among others.

5. Aimee Song:

Aimee Song is a lifestyle blogger and famous American designer. She is a renowned fashion blogger residing in Los Angeles. Her debut fashion collaboration was with Gentle Monster eyewear, which she launched in 2017, sold out in just 22 minutes. She is the writer of “Capture Your Style,” a New York Times Bestseller book. Forbes listed her as one of the top 30 under 30 people in the world. Her weblog, Song of Style, receives over 2 million monthly site visits, and she has over 5 Million Followers on Instagram. In 2008, she started blogging while pursuing Interior Architecture in San Francisco.

Top 5 Travel influencers you need to follow!

1. Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos is a famous travel blogger with her social media handle “my life is a travel movie.” She is a Cuban American solo traveler and Instagram star who has been exploring the world since fleeing society limitations! She is an adventure fanatic who seeks out adventures and pushes herself to new heights. Her niche is solo women’s adventurous travel. She has visited over 85 countries on seven continents, and her personal favorites have been Antarctica, Iceland, Japan, and Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest!

2. The Blonde Abroad:

Kiersten’s blog centers on the crossroads of modern fashion and travel. She provides recommendations to girls about how to dress, plan, and explore while traveling abroad, and she concentrates on elevated, luxury travel. She is one of the best solo female travelers. The Blonde Abroad is a solo woman travel blogger. She won many awards as the most influential travel blogger. She posts travel suggestions, luggage tips, videos, and photographs from all over the world. She has been visited over 70 countries, stayed in Cape Town, South Africa, and now considers California home, among many other places. She took a three-month break from her profession in 2011 to explore around Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand. she realized the liberation of traveling for the first time during her solo tours.

3. Wandering Earl:

Derek Earl started his passion for traveling in 1999 after his graduation, as his post-graduation trips to south Asian countries mainly Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He started blogging back in 2009. Earl is a wandering nomad traveler who enjoys tourism, inexpensive traveling, blogging, and anything in between. Earl enjoys visiting unusual destinations that few people have ever heard of, and he publishes his blogs on raw data and genuine travel experiences that don’t sugarcoat the reality. His blogs are worth reading since few do so. He has visited almost 117 countries on 6 continents so far and refused to go back home after his first trip. He believes that this planet is his home and his suitcase is his home base, and he worked, lives, traveled, and volunteered to survive his traveling passion and meet his travel expenses.

4. Never Ending Footsteps:

Lauren is a prominent travel blogger, who has been traveling for the past ten years. Her blog’s never-ending footstep intends to give information to her readers on how they can safely travel as solo travelers. Her blogs consist of tips for affordable and adventurous tours around the world. She has had an obsession with traveling since her childhood days and started her aspiration in 2011 as a solo female traveler. Her blogs jot down her experiences, memories, and challenges for her readers.

5. Dan Flying Solo:

Daniel is a British guy who frequently collaborates with Sky scanner and Lonely Planet. He changed his career from a restaurant manager to a travel blogger in 2014. He’s a fantastic blogger with plenty of knowledge and an even talented photographer. His photographs are featured in many known platforms like Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel, Beautiful Destination, and Matador Network have all featured his photos.

All these fashion bloggers are setting contemporary fashion trends, and at the same time influencing people to adopt a trendy lifestyle. If you want to be a fashion blogger, you can show off your makeup skills and styling guide. This will encourage your audience to come back to you to learn how they can do it themselves being within budget. Try to be different and do what others are not doing. Collaboration with other influencers within your niche or other niches as well. It will expand the circle of your audience and help you be acknowledged in other niches as well.

While maintaining a successful travel guide is also time-consuming and challenging. Posting excellent pictures on your social media doesn’t bring money to you. Travel Blogging takes perseverance and investment. Unless your content gets viral on the internet, you may plan to work for a minimum of a year before getting any returns. You cannot be a famous travel blogger only by traveling and writing. 

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